Will The Dark Side Of The Moon Be Apocalypse Now?!

Sounds like the title of a great movie, or maybe a landmark album? Forgive me for waxing poetic… well maybe this wrap-up should just be called “waxy.” Why? Well, ALOT is going on in the world today, and aside from the usual summer distraction, I have been met recently with a rather deliberate and systematic gihadist attack that clearly intends to influence my journalistic under-takings. And no, I don’t just mean plain old “writer’s block.” In short, this wrap-up actually deserves much more attention, but the world moves on, and these stories will reappear, probably over and again. Never-the-less, I take note for the sake of doing so.

Death By Texting
The news is that Michelle Carter texted her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to death. Sentenced to about a year and a half for manslaughter, the judge said she was guilty of reckless conduct. She was thirty miles away, and not having the tv story to review, I think it was said they hadn’t even been together in person for a year. The level of onus applied by the judge is ridiculous. People don’t commit suicide because of a text. It isn’t even reasonable to assume she should have believed what he was texting to her. In a town called “Taunten” maybe the judge just wants to sober up the dumb asses. She is apparently appealing the conviction. Conviction and sentence were meted out by the judge, she deserves a jury trial.

The ramifications of such a ruling are far reaching, if allowed to stand. Anything insensitive or blunt or candid that anyone even so much as texts, maybe even to the public masses is grounds for manslaughter charges? I don’t think so. This case is sad, it isn’t manslaughter, it is censorship. The judge should be disbarred.

Genomic Crisper
This process apparently is already under some legal scrutiny, where it belongs. For all the promise genomic engineering offers, the simple fact is, genetic engineering is pure cocaine for the Medical Industrial Complex. Little by little designer babies will emerge from the “improvements” in human health. The designer babies will then become specialized, and may not necessarily be for the betterment of the individual. Imagine if all the people over six feet tall and weighing 300lbs were dumbed down for their job as football players in the NFL. I mean, dumber than they are now. Dumb players wouldn’t be so quick to expect high salaries, and wouldn’t be aware that they are receiving concussions to make them – about the same. The potential for abuse, and making money, are endless.

And, by the way, think about it. It HAS already been done in the past. Think Sumo wrestlers, and various slave populations subjected to selective breeding for the attributes most valuable to their owners. It’s called eugenics, and already considered illegal in all fifty states. Unfortunately, this attempt to breed super-humans is not regulated even as much throughout the rest of the world. Maybe Kim Jong Un is really a super genius who has us all fooled already.

Electronic Implants
No rational human being would agree to letting their employer implant an electronic device. The potential for abuse, and coercion is endless. Folks should not be giving up on Internet privacy, but opening the door to literally track your every move, every minute of the day, everywhere you go, everywhere you don’t go, every person you come in contact with, your grocery store, you doctor, your car, etc., etc., etc. is INSANE. The internet generation will laugh at this, now. One day, however, it’s finally going to sink in just how powerful and extortive the exploitation of this technology can be and will be – and it will be too late. The joke isn’t funny, there isn’t a joke.

North Korean Apocalypse
As of this writing, Kim Jung’un is threatening to use Guam for target practice. Japan says they can shoot down the missiles if they do, and I assume our forces on Guam also have Thaad capability. It has to be noticed, however, that President Trump has leveraged every and all transcendent overture and innuendo from Dark Side to 1812 to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest to the upcoming eclipse itself to encourage Kim Jung’un to rethink his foolish path of action. So much so, however, I have to wonder just a little bit if they both are deliberately and knowingly grandstanding as the landmark eclipse is about to occur on August 21st.

I sincerely doubt, however, that four missiles hitting within 25 miles of United States territory and it’s people will go with nothing more than a diplomatic slap on the wrist. I do think the U.S. can neutralize North Korea without going nuclear, but if they attempt to retaliate thereafter…

Well, I guess I’ll see you on The Dark Side Of The Moon !!!

Happy eclipse. Not necessarily to say I won’t post another column before then. However, I anticipate attempting to get a photograph for the August cover and that means it will be a little later this month than usual.

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Will The Dark Side Of The Moon Be Apocalypse Now?!

Forgive me for waxing poetic… well maybe this wrap-up should just be called “waxy.” … In short, these stories about eugenics, censorship, invasion of privacy and the impending North Korean apocalypse deserve much more attention, but the world moves on, and these stories will reappear, probably over and again. Never-the-less, I take note for the sake of doing so.

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Here’s another part of the equation. It has already been my estimation that Trump’s wide open Wall Street policy will result in another economic crash – just like it did because of previous Republican administrations. Well, I’m not an economic expert, and vectors come with a lot of variables, but it seems to me that economic crashes in this country have gotten successively worse with the next one on track to be a 1929 humdinger – or worse.

To The Dear Leader Of North Korea et. al.

I do not approve of the reflective propaganda, nevertheless, it is not an entirely inaccurate representation. What is more reprehensible than the actions of the North Korean government, are the inaction’s of the American government. Appropriate FBI and or other intervention by appropriate agencies to diffuse the object and focus of the North Korean propaganda has not been forthcoming.

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So, if you followed that line of thinking so far, you’re probably a Grup, at which point you’re probably dissing this non-sense because it must be about toccin’ to the Youngens. If that’s what you are thinking, you are wrong. In fact, my pollyannish satirical diatribes are almost always directed at the Grups. No, I do not live in Birmingham, I know Michael Jackson is dead, and I don’t think Bernie Sanders is all that clever.

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