Nuclear Holocaust: Grups vs Youngens – Buy The Book !!!

Sometimes, you gotta lay a little framework for a perspective, and for those who understand, great, and for those who don’t, file it away for a time when you might be more enlightened. This is such a column. If my own circumstances were different, it could be a full length magazine section, but I will condense the realities of time as best I can for you to understand – which usually means this might be a little wordy with some dead-end tangents. Hoo. Ha.

In truth, there is a way that things “really work.” Presidential elections included. In fact, presidential elections are rigged long in advance – at least forty years by my own inner reckoning – and there is no doubt I can see the hallmarks of rigging as plainly in Donald J Trumps “election” as I could see them in the coronation of Barack Obama, etc. I can’t say it’s always been that way. I simply haven’t been alive long enough to have the first hand experience requisite to say unequivocally that George Washington was a conspiracy, or that certain other major events – like the holocaust – were necessarily a Hollywood production orchestrated ostensibly for the “greater good.”

Daddy used to say that believing in the constitution was about like believing in Santa Clause. So, let me make this understood. I believe in the constitution, Jesus, and Santa Clause. Hoo ha. The reason I say that with an air of contemptuous satire, is that it sometimes seems to me that the world is divided into two distinct groups and that everything depends on your choosing to be on one side or the other as though it were automatic, and the dividing line is them that KNOW, and them that don’t. And, that them that know necessarily come to the exact same conclusions with each other – because that’s what “new age” grownups do. Yep, you got it. It’s the Youngens vs. the Grups that I don’t believe in.

So, if you followed that line of thinking so far, you’re probably a Grup, at which point you’re probably dissing this non-sense because it must be about toccin’ to the Youngens. If that’s what you are thinking, you are wrong. In fact, my pollyannish satirical diatribes are almost always directed at the Grups. No, I do not live in Birmingham, I know Michael Jackson is dead, and I don’t think Bernie Sanders is all that clever.

Mr. Trump is decidedly a Grup. He is ultimately what is usually referred to metaphorically as a “giraffe.” A giraffe as they say, is the somewhat awkward if functional result of a committee. And if you believe in the vast right wing conspiracy, you know that Donald J Trump’s predestinations have never actually included making a deal of any kind on his own. The artful deals that he has “orchestrated” and that have made him a billionaire, are all actually the premeditated result of several committee members following and/or giving instructions. The sad and insulting truth is, about Mr. Trump and other recent presidents, is that they are basically high powered Stepford wives. I’m not saying that Trump does nothing but run on automatic, acting out on suggestion, with no awareness. However, based on his own environment and quest for survival and well being and individually warped perspective, he will see his instructive suggestions as basically good ideas – and they might be – and then follow-thru as the designers of history intended.

The saying goes, the writer knows. There’s been a saying lately in the media that Barack Obama has been the most unfriendly president toward freedom of media, and that he has gifted Donald J Trump by setting the stage for censorship of the media. Now, that is laughable, because the mainstream media is still referring to Trump as outside their myopically skewed version of “mainstream” which is basically a total denial of the fact that it still took roughly half of the American people to “elect” Donald J Trump. How can anyone possibly say that half of the American people are totally out of the mainstream? It’s obtuse. Maybe it’s the media’s way of engaging in satire. The truth is, the media set the stage themselves by engaging in the censorship of personal agendas and lunch time martinis.

Really though, it’s just part of the “game” they play. You might call it the “One Game Order” strategy. The media will say that Mr. Trump is a Youngen, and that they are the Grups. And, Mr. Trump will say the media are the Youngens, and that he is the Grup. Now, if you’re following my pollyannish satirical diatribe, you won’t be surprised that I agree – they’re both right. Because, they are both wrong. If you don’t see what I am saying, you’re probably spending your thought time right about now worrying about who Alabama is going to play in the Super Bowl. You already know whose team you’re on, by God, because your sports indoctrination has conditioned you to believe everything is a game with two sides that slap each other on the ass after the game and then go to drink margaritas and wait for next year’s One Game Order.

The trouble is, there is another Jong’en in the mix. Kim Jong’en, and he’s got some really cool toys he’s been playing with called ICBMs. Kim Jong’en has already been lobbing missiles into Japanese territorial waters and says he’s got a nuclear warhead that’s just about ready to put on his short range missiles, and the long range ICBM’s which could hit the continental United States.

The thing is, Jong’en is also a giraffe, and our smart guys know a lot about their giraffes. Their giraffes cause a lot of trouble, and our smart guys pretend they don’t know what’s going to happen, but know that when it does, the mess won’t be of an epic proportion and so they let it go. That protocol is also part of the Grups vs. Youngens One Game Order that keeps everybody preoccupied thereby providing another excuse for the collateral damage that our aristocratic guys don’t usually suffer from, by saying that keeping people busy with the game holds down on the collateral damage. I never ascribe to this line of blarney, but most people actually do.

The next thing about the Jong’en giraffe is that he’s a 32 year old, wet-behind-ears aristocrat with a silver spoon in his mouth and a cob up his ass and almost nobody on the sidelines who can expect to live if they tell him “NO.” Feel free to extrapolate the intended en-tenders and metaphors and apply them liberally to whichever giraffe you happen to be focused on.

Then, the larger trouble with the equation is where who is going to draw what lines. Just because we know about Jong’en and his instructions, doesn’t mean that an absolute dictator with a wild hair really understands the power of nuclear war. (Go ahead, extrapolate on that “hair” line too.) Of course, there is the Russian giraffe, Putin, whose over sized ego seems to be tempered by experience and maturity, theoretically as is Donald J Trump’s.

The fact is, WWII with it’s millions of dead made for one helluva Hollywood movie – even it was just someone following their instructions – for the greater good. I guess that twenty million dead is not really such great, epic, collateral damage in the longer term evaluation of the “greater good.” I mean, if we never use nuclear weapons, how will someone like Kim Jong’en really know what all that blood and pain and suffering is all about? Let’s face it, if the earth overheats from all the ash in the air from the nuclear holocaust of WW3 and five billion die from radiation poisoning, the Youngens, the Grups, and the Jong’ens of the earth will have learned a valuable lesson to tell their grand-kids, the earth will no longer be overpopulated – and there will still be two billion people left. What’s wrong with that?

Well, shucks. I don’t even know what time the Super Bowl comes on, but it is New Years day and I don’t even know where my next margarita is coming from. However, I am fairly certain I know where to buy a six pack of beer.

Happy New Year.

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To which Donald J Trump replied:

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Nuclear Holocaust: Grups vs Youngens – Buy The Book !!!

So, if you followed that line of thinking so far, you’re probably a Grup, at which point you’re probably dissing this non-sense because it must be about toccin’ to the Youngens. If that’s what you are thinking, you are wrong. In fact, my pollyannish satirical diatribes are almost always directed at the Grups. No, I do not live in Birmingham, I know Michael Jackson is dead, and I don’t think Bernie Sanders is all that clever.

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