And Then President Trump Said: “Build A Wall And Crime Will” …go Down

Great Wall of China
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If it seems more recently that I support all things Trump, please remember I didn’t even vote for Donald Trump. While conservative I actually consider myself a centrist picking and choosing the policies on an individual basis that I think are best for our country. So, while I fully support Mr. Trump’s immigration policy, wall and all, there are other issues most of which pertain to separation of Church and State where I feel his conservatism crosses into cultism and is not constitutional.

That having been said Mr. Trump’s most important job has in fact been accomplished in the realignment of the Supreme Court, and while I would have preferred a more moderate shift, the new court will shape a generation.

In the mean time, I still think you’re missing a golden opportunity. As a way to begin shutting down the California Plantation system, all the illegal immigrants could be rounded up, those here and on the way, and conscripted to actually build the wall. They would all have a job and when completed, the beauteous wall would be a point of pride to share with their grand kids. “I helped build The Great American Wall!” Living in their communities on Mexican side, they can tell the kids “it’s to keep the Americans out” of their homeland of Mexico.

And, Mr. Trump, I think you still have some unproductive paradigms. The wall really should be rock and stone. It will be much more beautiful and rocks and mortar are much cheaper than steel. Plus, it would mean more unskilled labor jobs for all the illegals who have no education or experience. As an added bonus, any of the lot known to be unruly or who are roughians can get the back breaking sledge hammer and chisel jobs that leave them with no taste for shenanigans at the end of the day.

It all adds up like I said in my previous column.

A big long beautiful wall and tourist attraction built practically for free and making money for everybody !!!

Mr. Trump, Build The Great American Border Wall And They Will Come

And truth be knowed, it wouldn’t go “sea to sea.” It would go from the Gulf of Mexico to the shining sea of the West Coast – where The Shrew lives.

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