Capitol Offense – Failure To Communicate

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around what all happened yesterday. I don’t support or condone the protesters who stormed the capitol, but I can’t begin to understand the extreme media bias and over-reaction by lawmakers either. Well, they didn’t really “storm-in,” mostly they just sorta strolled like tourists.

For some reason, there seems to be a great deal of confusion about what did and did not happen last summer. Or, maybe it would be more accurate to say (after Hamilton perhaps) that the revisionism is happening in real-time. This is really bad because it boils down to the Main Stream Media, the fake news if you like, isn’t just biased but proactively fighting a war by abusing their leverage to deceive and influence the public.

Last summer, well-meaning people of all colors protested in favor of civil rights. Not exactly, because I have always found that even among people of color there is a system of paper-bag tests that often determines whether they think someone is supposin to have civil rights. I’m not stereo-typing everyone, I’m just saying, there is an enduring faction of black people who are in fact racist themselves.

But, let’s just go with the well meaning intent perspective for now. Unfortunately, at almost all the protests the leftist extremist showed up – or were already there – and turned the protests into unproductive violence and destruction. Over and over again, the MSM ignored this reality, soft-peddled this reality and even condoned this reality. At one point, the occupation of Portland, Oregon by leftist guerrillas that lasted three months was likened to a call for a “Summer of Luv.” Portland thereafter remained occupied by violence and destruction. Oregon, by the way, never has been a southern state or part of the Confederacy.

The fact is, the well-meaning intention version isn’t entirely accurate for other reasons. The fact is, many peaceful protesters and MSM alike are not advocating civil rights at all. They are attempting to advance a different system of government and if you don’t agree with that, you’re branded as a racist whether you are or not. It’s a twisted paper-bag.

Hence, today’s calls by socialist minded Chuck Schumer to oust Trump with less than two weeks remaining in his term. Mr. Trump has called for peace and love and non-violence, and he steadied the ship in a skillful and successful manner yesterday. The protesters acquiesced and with little or no actual destruction or violence, went home as directed.

The reality is that violence during Mr. Trumps term has been almost exclusively instigated by the ultra-leftists. The never-Trumpers have persisted in typecasting Mr. Trump as their universal scapegoat. It isn’t ok, it is a display of moral-turpitude.

The extreme backlash over the fracas yesterday is apparently fueled by the lack of satisfaction derived from the denials of unacceptable behavior last summer. The so-called journalists took sides and so had nowhere to hang their hats until this thingie at the Capitol yesterday. Then they unfairly cut-loose on Mr. Trump.

There was no coup. There was no insurrection. There was no conceivable path for the mostly unarmed and non-violent protesters to actually take over government. They could’ve stayed in the Senate chambers for three months and all that would have happened is the Senate would’ve convened somewhere else and the protestors would have starved to death.

As I say. What happened is not ok. But the real travesty is that MSM media and some elected officials have painted a ridiculous and extreme picture culminating in what actually IS an attempted coup. The attempt to remove or impeach Mr. Trump before January 20th aims to disqualify him from running again four years from now. Sedition and censorship are un-American.

And, they blocked Mr. Trumps Twitter. Censorship by definition by someone who thinks they are in charge of government – they are not. Maybe it’s Twitter that should be called “Cuckoo” from now on.

©2021 -Jim Casey

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