Christmas Star - The great Jupiter Saturn conjunction 2020
Christmas Star - The great Jupiter Saturn conjunction 2020

2020’s Redeeming Legacy – The Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

The year 2020 is – with all the violence, discord and destruction, and the China Virus – some say thankfully, behind us. Although, I’m still not convinced 2021 and the China Virus with its variants won’t turn out to be worse – even with the hope of the vaccine now being distributed. One pundit quipped, “hindsight is now actually 2020.” Hoo ha. Technically yes, but I’m not so sure.

At any rate, it seems to me that the best redeeming legacy of 2020 was the “Christmas Star.” The great Jupiter Saturn conjunction hasn’t occurred in about 400 years and then wasn’t visible to most of the world. The last time this event occurred in a visible fashion was 800 years ago. But, so dubbed the Christmas Star this time because it happened on the winter Solstice making this rare celestial event all the more special.

While this event is rare it does occur on a regular if infrequent basis, just not quite as close to each other or on a special holiday. But, get a grip because according to the website, the great Jupiter Saturn conjunction will actually occur on Christmas Day and be much closer together than this time – in the year 2874.

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