Build A Wall, Shut It Down, Or Go Around

It’s really difficult for me to comprehend the childish, irresponsible attitude that the socialist democrats have in regard to building a wall and securing our southern border with Mexico. It’s ridiculous and inconceivable that anyone can really believe that more than 50,000 illegal immigrants coming into the United States every month is not a national security risk.

One thing about Mr. Trump, his sense of humor is an ambiguous language unto itself. Sometimes you gotta think he must be kidding, or is he being sarcastic, or is it just satire. Frankly, it shakes up the thinking process a little bit and it is the one thing – mostly ridiculed by the liberals – that I think has done the most good for getting complacent people to think. It’s also put the issues ignored by the liberal media onto the table rather than allowing them to fester in the shadows.

I don’t think most, much less all, illegal immigrants are ill intentioned criminals, rapists, drug dealers or terrorists. I don’t think Mr. Trump thinks so either. Do democrats really believe that is what he literally means? But that isn’t the point. How many drug dealers living in Chicago came in undocumented on the coattails of the biggest drug King Pen in the world who is from Mexico – El Chapo? How many out of the 50,000 per month is too many? How many can be absorbed into the welfare system? How many does it take to denigrate working standards because their illegal status prevents them from blowing the whistle when conditions and wages don’t meat legal standards? How much lower are wages across the board because the floor is lowered? Out of 15,000,000 people coming across the border without papers or background checks, how many with a nuclear suitcase bomb big enough to wipe out half of Houston or Dallas or New Orleans is ok? One?

The democratic perspective is utterly ridiculous and irresponsible at face value. The reality is they have none of the human compassion that they claim is their motivation. The fact is they are fighting a political war for literal socialism using illegal immigrants as a game piece. The liberal elite have no intention of recognizing human rights or making those lives better. They do intend to embellish their economy with what amounts to plantation style slave labor. They do intend to convert those illegal immigrants politically in a grande gerrymandering scheme.

Do you ever hear Nancy Pilose expressing her worry over 250,000 homeless people that literally set up a tent and sleep on the sidewalks of California each and every night? Hell no you don’t. She wants to spend welfare benefits on illegal immigrants so they will be her loyal political subjugates. I know, not all illegal immigrants are candidates for welfare. Instead, Pilose wants to give them job training, education grants and big jobs in the corporate world – so they too will be her loyal political subjugates. Not the homeless throwaways that live in her own backyard. It is immoral.

And incidentally, the welfare benefits and entitlements that most Americans are in agreement with for those among us who are in need, are not the same things as all out socialism. It’s a point that usually goes unnoticed and unexplained and many younger people who tend to be liberal think it’s the same thing. It isn’t. The differences not only include taxing most of your hard earned income, but also overbearing authoritarianism and regulation that then tells you how to spend what little you have left at your own discretion. This is, ironically, the Republican underbelly that the liberal democrats conveniently fail to exploit. It’s what the socialist plantation bosses want.

I’ve tweeted to President Trump, and in fact I was hoping, that he would have Nancy Pilose arrested by Capital police as she took the gavel for the new session, ranting on the way down the Capital steps no doubt, and taken to Gitmo to be with the other enemy combatants who threaten and make our country less secure. But god forbid, do not make her think she feels uncomfortable when she gets there. She can have an alter, like all the rest of them, so she can pray to Norma Jean McCorvy if she wants. And, give her a bowl of collagen for breakfast every morning. That ought to keep her pacified.

The juvenile, irresponsible tantrum of the democrats is borderline seditious. You can’t put five year olds in prison, but Nancy Pilose is nearly eighty years old. She should know better and if fact she does. The underlying motivations are extraordinarily immature, irresponsible, not acceptable and cannot be allowed to dictate national security policy. Because they are fighting a war, and because they become violent just because someone expresses a different opinion, and because of the ulterior motives – the socialist insurgency must be quelled in addition to building a wall.

Therefore Mr. President, I say hold your ground. Build a wall, shut it down, or go around as you have suggested declaring a national emergency to procure funding. The best weapon of war is a deterrent. Building a wall will be an effective deterrent on more than one front.

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