Atlanta Gives Homeless Niggers The Boot

Feminist whore and Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin wants to run off all them yard niggers in downtown Atlanta ’cause they don’t look good, or smell good, or behave jest like masser wants ’em too. Schoose me, some of dat dar’ dirty rubbed off jest from readin’ the article in Tuesday’s USA Today. (I’m a white cracker born and bread, by de way.)

I has to wonder though, iffen it ever occurred to Mayor Shirley that if she was spending time at home with de grand chil’ren, instead of acting as mayor, some of them sorry beggars might be putting food in they own mouth, and they famblies mouths, by havin’ that very job for they own?

Schoose me again. I forgot that the civil rights movement meant that women would displace men and ultimately create more homelessness, an impenetrable caste system, and an open border that finally spells the end of American democracy.

Martin Luther King Jr.! Where you is? I’ve heard colored folks and women alike cry they puddle of tears about the dang ole American Constitution that never did ’em no good anyhow. Never you mind that without that US Constitution, you’d never have had a leg to stand on as you proceeded to bring your liberation to fruition.

It has always confused me that black folks who paid so dearly for emancipation never have been able to see the degenerative nature of a matriarchal society. For some reason, many colored folks (not all) seems to think that the more liberated a woman is, the more better she will be suited to take care of her own chil’ren. She don’t really need a man by Gawd.

So, where’s the deadbeat dad? What difference does that make if the bitch is making the bucks? He’s out there at five points layin’ next to the Phoenix with a bottle of wine in his hand. He’s a useless drinker. He’s already played the role of sperm donor and she’s got the Children’s Advocacy Center and the school system to raise her children for her so she can continue on tryin’ to breaking the glass ceiling.

She and her children are classified as a family unit, by the way. Which means at some food distribution programs she can get plenty of good quality meats for her Frigidaire while de useless drunk is also qualified for another poop-top lunch of vie-ennie weenies. (Eat six cans a week and try to figure out who’s running for what.)

In the mean time, enter Home Depot. They want to help by building a fish bowl in downtown. No cat-fishing, no bass fishing, and by Gawd most of all NO PANHANDLERS!

Most know that the home center superstore caters to upscale yuppie families that would never be caught dead riding on Marta because it would be embarrassing, and they might die of humiliation, and real estate developers who are leading the war on the United States by providing cover for many of the building contractors that hire illegal immigrants at sub standard wages in violation of US law, so those homes will be cheaper and the high faluting elitists can get a bigger house. We used to call that slave labor.

It’s funny how some of them yard niggers would be better off if they were slaves again, ain’t it?

In the mean time, recent reports indicate that five states in the US Union are now controlled by non-whites. Four of those have been heavily infiltrated by illegal immigrants, and could essentially be considered under the control of foreign nationals.


And you, my rainbow coalition friend are a fool and an idiot because those who are legitimate Mexican American’s are not the same as someone who has been born and raised in a foreign country that is world renown for state and police corruption, illegal drugs, and tyrannical oppression. They may very well appreciate being in the United States, but they don’t have the requisite knowledge and understanding to be responsible participating citizens.

It’s not a question of allowing immigration in the time honored American tradition. Immigration is one thing. What we are experiencing on our southern border at this time is in fact an invasion, and right now, already fully ten percent of United States precious soil, ground and dirt is under their control.

Immigration is good, and appropriate, but must be at a controlled pace in order to allow for cultural assimilation without overwhelming the existing community. That is not what is occurring at this juncture.

What is occurring? W Bush and his aristocratic cronies have opened the floodgate from Mexico in order to flood the American employment market with cheap labor, not to mention breaking the back of the industrial unions. They know this is a dangerous proposition, but it is very lucrative to their pockets books, and so they have created an infrastructure now referred to as “Big Brother” in order to begin enforcing absolute control of the common masses. For all the chattel that does ride Marta, take the lead from the airlines and pass through the metal detectors after your biometric background check has been completed.

Now, Shirley Franklin — you funny too.

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