Andrew Cuomo Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Resign Over Half Assed Harassment

It’s a sad New York state of mind to think Andrew Cuomo could duck out on the bungling of nursing home deaths over half assed sexual harassment complaints. So, what, if Hitler had just exploited some office workers for a little quick action ignoring the Holocaust would be ok?


Not exactly the same thing? Maybe not but Cuomo’s responsibility for 15,000 nursing home deaths as part of a larger act of biological warfare resulting in more than 4 million deaths world wide is roughly akin to being a guard at Auschwitz. And they hunted those guys down to the far corners of the earth.

The crux is that our nation having suffered nearly as many casualties from covid as during the civil war, already more than 600,000, still cannot leave the denial and come to grips with reality. Covid is a conspiracy and an act of biological warfare. I don’t need the damn tangible evidence to see the body counts and say, this is wrong. It’s like ignoring the concentration camps in your own backyard because willful ignorance is more convenient.

And I really do have to say, if Cuomo tweeted me dirty, asked me to play strip poker, or even touched my ass in an elevator, I would’ve just slapped him in the face! But I sure as hell would not bring charges against him so that his resignation could help him duck out of his roll in exterminating nursing home residents.


Already, other people are calling for the nursing home investigations to continue. Case in point. Out of sight out of mind. It is truly a sickening statement on warped ethical and moral values in this country to think a few casual complaints, even if legitimate, could get Cuomo off the hook for something so serious, so heinous, and so important – the irresponsible if not deliberate indifference to those lives.

Andrew Cuomo shouldn’t even be allowed to resign. Force him to stay in office until he is prosecuted for the nursing home deaths. Then, escort him out in cuffs.

(c)2021 – Jim Casey

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