A Commemorative Video For Elton’s Farewell

Most folks are aware that pop superstar Elton John is on his final farewell tour with what could be his final album release on October 22nd. So, I decided to put together the video here which I muse to be an abstract of my visit to Oklahoma City in 1999 where I got to photograph Elton in concert at the Myriad.

I had been on a cross country sight seeing tour on Amtrak that included stops in Atlanta, DC, Chicago, New Orleans, Fort Worth and of course culminating in Oklahoma City. While in OKC I also visited the zoo and bombing memorial that was still under construction. McVeigh was in jail awaiting his execution at that time.

The video is my first attempt at creating a reel for Instagram which did very well and so I’m quite pleased with my creative effort. Although, I kinda wanted to spray some WD-40 on those squeeky train wheels.

©2022 – Jim Casey

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