A Clovis Point On Mars!

Clovis Points On Mars!!!

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Every time I fire up my computer I am greeted by a slightly red landscape with the silhouette and shadow of a robotic arm protruding from the bottom left corner of the screen. MARS! You guessed it. I recently went to the NASA website where I looked at many of the photos that have been beamed back to Earth from the venerable dune-buggies they refer to as “Rover.” I picked out one that I like particularly well, downloaded it, and cropped it down to fit my computer screen background.

Doggonit. This image really is amazing. In high resolution, you can see many details very clearly. Rocks, different rocks, bigger rocks, smaller rocks, a slightly hazy, pinkish red atmosphere in the background, and even hills and mountains rising majestically out of the horizon. And dirt. There’s a lot of dirt, and rocks, on Mars. I’ve heard it described as a dry riverbed, or maybe a desert landscape that you would find here on Earth. That’s exactly how it looks. In fact, the only thing that you notice about the landscape that’s different – there is no vegetation, anywhere at all, what-so-ever. The landscape is barren. Even still, the photos from Mars are truly amazing when you consider some of the other planetary objects in our own solar system that are so completely uninhabitable, without even so much as a solid surface to stand on.

Nasa had a news conference just a few minutes ago and they now say that testing by Rover indicates the possibility that life could survive on Mars.

USA Today -Life on Mars? Rover shows it could’ve been possible

Looking a bit closer at my computer screen… YEP! There it is, I am actually quite certain, there is no doubt… I am ready to announce:

I have found a Clovis Point on Mars…!!!

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