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    My Statement On Ms Amy Coney Barrett

    Ms Coney Barrett is an exemplary political choice but a poor social example and a potential lack of conviction combined with could-be unconstitutional cult extremism that leaves me nonplussed.

    A Monumental Day Of Remembrance In Huntsville

    A monumental day in Huntsville with two major happenings at Maple Hill Cemetery. Huntsville’s Confederate Monument has a new home and Huntsville First Lady Eula Battle has been laid to to rest.

    Jim Casey Endorses President Trump For Reelection

    This is an amazingly easy call considering it comes from someone who hasn’t endorsed a presidential candidate in 25 years.

    My Statement On John Lewis RIP

    His courage earned him the honor of election to congress. But, it’s impossible for me to respect his rhetoric later on which I firmly believe caused more harm than good.

    My Statement On Rule Changes By Debate Commission

    Allowing the liberal media to buy the debates and control the content presented by the candidates in this manner is not just reprehensible but arguably unconstitution and illegal.
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