To The Dear Leader Of North Korea et. al.

It is impossible for me to ignore the deliberate metaphor and analogy of the injuries inflicted on Otto Warmbier by the government of North Korea after his arrest for an otherwise relatively trivial offense.

I do not approve of the reflective propaganda, nevertheless, it is not an entirely inaccurate representation. What is more reprehensible than the actions of the North Korean government, are the inaction’s of the American government. Appropriate FBI and or other intervention by appropriate agencies to diffuse the object and focus of the North Korean propaganda has not been forthcoming.


There are many decent and considerate people who have helped me through the difficult times of my journey. Nevertheless, those people who are most responsible for doing so, not only have failed in their obligation, they, the FBI and law enforcement, are acting in collusion with the North Korean government and the unfortunately very poignant and relevant propaganda. It is an unlawful international conspiracy by definition and at face value.

Worse yet, while many everyday people will decry the actions of the North Korean government as extreme and inhumane, they will turn a blind eye to what is nearly exactly the same thing, primarily for political exploitation, in their own backyard.

My prayers and hopes are with Otto Warmbier and his family for an optimum recovery from his injuries.

REVISION: Monday,June 19, 2017:

Otto Warmbier subsequently has passed away earlier today. Below is the Twitter Conversation with myself, President Trump and Department of State Secretary Rex Tillerson:

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