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    Skittish Long Legged Birds

    These birds are hard to photograph but I keep trying.

    Happy Presidents Day President Trump !!!

    The best thing for our nation and democracy is to discontinue any inquisition or any further attempts to prosecute President Trump. Two Kangaroo impeachments is already two too many.

    Trump Impeachment Is Tantamount To Sedition

    Pelosi’s supposed motivation is clearly to deny Mr. Trump the opportunity to run for office again in four years. Tantamount to an overthrow and sedition.

    Huntsville Depot Freight Building Removed

    Built ~1860 the remains of the historic building had been preserved with hopes of rebuilding on the remaining structure.

    Capitol Offense – Failure To Communicate

    And, they blocked Mr. Trumps Twitter. Censorship by definition by someone who thinks they are in charge of government – they are not. Maybe it’s Twitter that should be called “Cuckoo” from now on.
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