Shakin Bakin Canada

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By now you’ve probably heard this morning’s headlines about a major earthquake in Canada last night causing tsunami warnings to be issued for Alaska, Hawaii, and the west coast. Most of those warnings have been relaxed at this time.

If you read my last column similarly titled – Shakin Bakin Debate III – you know that last week scientists in Italy were convicted on manslaughter charges for failing to give adequate warnings prior to a quake there that killed more than three hundred people – and my agreement that such predictions can be made accurately and further in advance than the current status quo.

In my opinion the good people of Italy and their court system deliberately timed those convictions in relation to the current event.

It appears to me the Canadian quake is in the near region of the widely expected “big one” in California. Changes along those fault lines most likely will shift additional stress to the high risk areas in California, perhaps making that eventuality more likely than ever.

It seems to me California, you have been warned, and woe be unto officials and real estate agents who fail to give adequate warnings.

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