Shakin Bakin Debate III

The Bake

The Japanese have a concept called the “one hundred years war.” Simply
enough, losing a battle does not mean losing the war. When the war is
a hundred years long the other wars, like WW II or Viet Nam, are only
single battles in the larger scheme. A long term war requires long
term strategies, and secrecy, to prosecute – conspiracy by definition.

The presidential foreign policy debate between Barack Obama and Mitt
Romney was no more boring to me than the other two. The others were
only more interesting because the posturing and sparring were more
pronounced. Neither produced any new information. And, that’s the
problem. Because, ostensibly based on the need of secrecy for our
government to engage in one hundred years planning, little valid
information actually reaches the American public.

The Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the attack on the
World Trade Center – 911, and the attack on the Libyan consulate and
the death of Chris Stevens, were all long term premeditated,
conspirital, events.

In the United States, it is not the business of government to put on a
show to entertain or distract people from understanding and
participating in government by the people – and yet they do. It is
unconstitutional and diametrically opposed to what we profess our
beliefs and values to be as United States citizens.

The hundred years wars, forced on us to be dealt with in foreign
policy and by the military, is a pervasive seductress. It surely would
be difficult to balance the dispensation of short term public
information against the longer term needs of national security. I
don’t believe it is even done. The seductress is just too lucrative
for the industrial bosses who reap profits and wield the absolute
power of puppeteer over their chosen Muppets – Kennedy, Obama, Romney.
So cliché, and yet so poignant and so relevant – absolute power
corrupts absolutely.

And so, the disease of corruption creeps fully into the domestic
realm. The public is uninformed and misinformed and so become the
Muppets of the final tier on the longer strings of the puppeteers.

The Columbine shootings, Jared Loughner and Gabby Giffords, James
Holmes and the Aurora massacre, and the Lee Bus massacre in
Huntsville, were all long term, premeditated events.

The Shake
The final debate was the most important in pulling your strings for
this “election” between the two chosen Muppets – Ernie and Bert. But,
the real story of the day is in Italy.

In L’Aquila Italy, seven earthquake scientists have been convicted on
criminal charges of manslaughter for failing to give adequate warnings
prior to a 2009 earthquake there that killed more than 300 people.

The Indonesian tsunami caused by an undersea earthquake that killed
more than 250,000 people, the Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, and
the tornado outbreak that struck the South in 2011 – even down to the
long (and the demise of Osama bin Laden), were also long term
predictable events.

Exactly who does have that information is a matter of debate for a
moppet like me. Whether it comes from cyclic records of the Vatican’s
Flat Earth Society, the medicine man’s files in 20,000 year old caves,
the historic predictions of Chinese wise men turned to clay long ago,
the US geological survey, the US Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, the
Oil Companies, or the predictive staircases of the Mayan pyramids –
they know.

The implications of that kind of predictable information are enormous.
The hundred years war strategy, property values and the insurance
industry, the logistics of evacuating a million people from a third
world beach, and how much human carnage there will be in California
when it slides into the ocean – all change drastically depending on
how much of that information is available, or not, to the public in a
timely manner.

There are trillions of dollars at stake for the industrial bosses who
have chosen to keep that information to themselves to exploit for
their own aggrandizement. The moral and ethical failure is cataclysmic.

And so, in a potentially earthshaking protest against the corruption
of the industrial bosses, the Italian town of L’Aquila has said NO to
disinformation, greed, decadence, and wanton, larcenous manslaughter.
One can only speculate whether the tale has been pinned on the right
“scientific” donkeys. However, the potential to revolutionize accurate
dispensation of that predictable historic / scientific information is
nothing less than the admission of Earth as being a round planet that
orbits a centralized sun.

Whether or not that information revolution comes to fruition actually
seems immanent on one level, the only question really seems to be how
long it will take before an ever increasingly information age savvy
public will successfully demand full disclosure of major predictable
seismic and weather events. Hopefully, in the growing wake of global
warming, and with California hanging on the edge, world leaders will
agree to speak with a unified voice that can be trusted to dispense
accurate and detailed information in a much more timely manner.

Damn the hundred years war.

USA Today –
Italian court convicts scientists for no quake warning

This story was widely reported on October 22, 2012 in major
periodicals such as The New York Times, Time Magazine, and the CBS
Evening News.

© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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