Presidential Reality Check

The reality is, you have been lied to by both major political parties. Understanding what is important in this election depends on understanding what is real, and what is true.

The United States economy is in decline. The fact is, since the inevitable lowering of trade barriers decades ago through NAFTA and GATT, jobs in this country have been steadily flowing across borders and overseas. We have added many service oriented jobs, but now even those, and the ones requiring extensive educational qualifications, are being challenged by emerging third world countries that are industrializing and modernizing at a record pace. Russia, India, China, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan and others, are now able to compete with the United States on nearly level ground. We can no longer benefit from the spoils of slave labor in disadvantaged underdeveloped countries. They have arrived.

To complicate matters, not only must we now compete head to head in every product sector, the baby boomers who arrived a long time ago are now retiring. It all adds up to relatively less GNP, and more unemployment. If you expect unemployment to go down as the current recession ends… guess again. The fact is, as you probably already know, the longer people are unemployed, the more likely they simply quit looking, and that’s when they are no longer even counted as “unemployed.” This phenomenon happens during every recession, and over the last thirty years represents a trend unto itself. So, even when the current unemployment rate reaches “normal,” the total number of people working compared to the total number of people eligible for work has steadily declined so that the true unemployment rate is actually higher than ever.

What that means is that there are fewer incomes to tax relative to the number of benefits and programs to be provided by government at every level. The incomes that remain are less likely to be middle management, as multi-national competition and corporate greed has continued to shrink company management structures.

Therefore, something inevitable is happening. Benefits are being spread more thinly or denied, and military spending is about to be curtailed, pretty much once and for all. There are no options – American Imperialism is winding down.

Trying to “vote your pocket book” in this election is about like trying to fish for catfish in the Sahara desert.

What’s gonna happen then? Simply put, more people are going to make do with less. A new “third world” lower class is already emerging in this country and is likely to end up looking more and more like the sprawling shantyville slums depicted in movies and on the news around the larger cities in some foreign countries.

Some people in government are afraid that as more people face poverty, with less entitlement benefits available to them, that coalitions of gangs will become violent. We already see that to some degree, but it is usually associated with drugs, illegal activity, and turf wars. However, as more people unwilling to denigrate themselves to that level face impossible belt tightening, a new type of social uprising is also already emerging as evidenced in the seemingly beleaguered Occupy Movement. They may be tired for now, but they are the seeds of what will prove to be a troublesome and continuing movement well into the future.

Many refer to 911 as conspiracy orchestrated by Big Brother as an excuse to place innocent people in this country under illegal surveillance, illegal privacy invading background checks, illegal eavesdropping, illegal information sharing, illegal searches, illegal gun control, and other unconstitutional constraints of individual liberty. That’s exactly what did happen. They aren’t so much afraid of international terrorism – they are afraid of out-of-control social unrest as a result of a declining economy that WILL NOT be solved by who you vote for in this fall’s presidential election.

It isn’t an overnight doomsday prediction – it is already happening. There will be some improvement in the immediate economy for awhile. Even still, there is the larger longer term trend. It might be twenty years, or maybe forty years, before the United States actually reaches it’s rock bottom.

The point is, your pocket book is going to continue to diminish. Ultimately wealth is distributed, and it must be distributed more evenly in order to avoid anarchy, violence, and chaos. I believe there are ways, through regulation, to force more equitable distribution of wealth – without sliding into socialism and government ownership of the private sector.

This election is about your constitutional rights. Unfortunately, the two candidates given to you by the multi-national industrial bosses, are already acting in concert to perpetuate the illegal and unconstitutional constraints being imposed by Big Brother.

Right now, the ACA is the component that is receiving the most attention. Romney has actually revealed he has no intention of repealing the ACA. In it’s present form, I have called it a ripped apart partial birth abortion. The ACA is an unconstitutional open license to force illegal constraints on your individual liberty. Blomberg telling New Yorker’s how much soft drink they are allowed to have is a major test of the public’s tolerance for ACA fascism. It’s only the beginning.

Unfortunately again, who you vote for in this election isn’t going to stop the attack by multi-national, American born or not, republican or democrat, Big Brother.

What you can do is, understand and join a new beginning of protest. You can vote for a third party candidate, or when the time comes to vote, you can write-in my name for president. Forget your pocket book for awhile and join the fight to save your liberty and constitutional rights.

Jim Casey Campaign

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