Tomorrow, Sunday evening Sept. 23, 60 Minutes is supposed to have the
Two Buffoons in two separate interviews.

I plan to Twitter in real-time to the questions and the Two Buffoons’
responses. It should be interesting.

Join me here:
Jim Casey Campaign Twitter Updates

I also plan to participate in the debate coming up. That should be
really interesting. And fun too. How else could a guy like me
participate, in real time, answering the same debate questions as the
major candidates, with a national and even international audience!

I’ll post a notice and reminder for that as well after I check the scheduling.

Just a thought. Maybe we should call Romney “Benedict” (as in Benedict
Arnold) from now on. He stabbed Akins in the back several times
(helping cripple chances for republican control of the Senate), he
stabbed repealing the ACA in the back two weeks ago (ensuring the
eventual advancement of socialized medicine, ipso facto socialism), he
stabbed 47% of US citizens in the back last week (dismissing their
unalienable constitutional rights along the way), and in a convoluted
sort of way, stabbed himself in the back every time (ensuring his lost
election, and more time off to jetski). He is clearly throwing the
election, much like John McCain when he started making obviously
irrational decisions.

Think about it. “Benedict Romney” all at the same time, he is
betraying his supporters (lol – they still haven’t figured it out)
and, maybe not unlike the Pope too, he is “pronouncing the
benediction,” of the United States as we once knew it – with liberty
and justice for all.

Also, please notice the post I made just earlier this evening.
Follow the link below to the “Presidential Reality Check.”

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