Chicago – City Of Buffoons

It’s really hard to imagine. The nation is still reeling from the
worst economic recession since the great depression. Unemployment is
still near 8%, twice that for black men, and the housing market and
manufacturing are still sluggish at best.

And yet, Chicago teachers making an average of $70k annually, in a job
that should cap out at $40k with 20 years of seniority, are on strike.
The unmitigated gall is so far over the top it is totally laughable.

Rahm Emanuel, the Head Buffoon in charge of Chicago, doesn’t support
the strike and yet he’s been waving his sticky fingers at the federal
government asking for more handouts for his poverty stricken town.

I cannot imagine the turpitude of a third grade baby sitter driving
down the street in her new Cadillac, waving at her divorced unemployed
husband and the father of her kids begging for a $20 job at the corner
catch-out, while on the way to the picket line. Chicago teachers
aren’t exactly known for resounding educational results either.

The Chicago Teachers Union is amoral and devoid of social conscience.

The NEA, and Chicago teachers, have done enough damage to this country
with their self-centered, greedy, myopic agenda. This is a perfect
example. Mod has more than everybody else, but still ain’t happy with
what she’s got, don’t care that more of her sisters are actually worse
off because of her (even before the recession), and doesn’t really care
about the well-being of kids or the larger community.

Maybe Head Buffoon Rahm will be able to put the out-of-touch,
self-righteous bonobos in their place.

© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads