Homeland Firemen, Paramedics, And The Poleeth

Ah, but where is Steven King when you need him?  I allude to short story dedicated to the evil notion of the Library Poleeth!  Comical and scary, dramatic and comedic, or is it?

A few weeks ago I saw in an article that New York City is now training firemen and ambulance paramedics in how to spot the ominous warning signs of a would-be terrorist as they otherwise go about performing their duties.  The article noted that both entities have free reign to enter a private dwelling in circumstances where the police otherwise could not.  Just one more step in the ever tightening grip of the evil axes wielded by Homeland security and Big Brother.  How much different from illegal wiretapping is that?  Isn’t part of the “contract” of trust that we have with those guys to perform their job based on the notion that they can put out the fire as long as they stay out of the wine cabinet?  Aren’t they really basically arms of the insurance industry?  That being said to point out the naive and gullible suggestion by Hillary Clinton that universal health-care wouldn’t carry with it any additional rules and regulations to be imposed by the government, ergo in concert with the insurance moguls.

Interestingly enough — I remember the evening well — when a small fire in my backyard bar-b-q grill got a little out of hand for a few minutes.  Never mind the details, but as the smoke was billowing up into the early evening sky I heard the distant sounds of sirens coming ever closer — until, suddenly, the big red fire-engine was bearing down upon my cookout activities and, a very imposing fireman came approaching me, ax in hand, as if ready to save Manhattan from Gamera.  I said sorry, and asked if I might be arrested for my faux pas.  He looked at me with both ambivalence and incredulity in his eyes and stated in a rather heedless manner: “We are not the poleeth.”  He did say I would have to promptly extinguish the flames, which I did.  The point being (this story is essentially true), that this fellow had absolutely no intention of being pressed into service as a watchdog for the police, and in fact he intoned resentment at the suggestion.

Isn’t all this the reason we left King George to begin with?  Isn’t it about time to leave the plutocratic monarchy of today’s “King George” Bush behind?

© 2007 – Jim Casey
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