Merry Christmas! We elected who?

Why is it that the politicos, the democrats especially, want to hurry up this election season?  I’m not really interested in truncating Santa Clause to turn my attention to the more weighty matters of who’s whoopin’ who in Iraq.  It’s not that I should or shouldn’t, it’s that I shouldn’t be asked to by the people who want to run this country. 

Ron Paul is an alluring option in all this.  He waited to throw his hat in the ring, but I admit that his ultra right leanings might even be too much for me.  It’s all in how you go about getting there.  Still, aren’t they going too far?  By the time the dust settles, and some little county in Iowa has been dubbed as the most important little town in the process, where really does that leave all the rest of us?  Can’t we just call the mayor in that little town, and ask him his  choice?

 Somehow, someway, the election process must be restored to something that includes everyone in the process, not just the caucus to be first under the wire.

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