Hillaryous | Rosa Parks (should) Be Insulted

Dear Black Woman, please keep your seat, but I don’t think Hillary is really your best friend. She is, after all, running for president, not you. I’m sure, Hillaryous can make nice, but I invite you to examine the legacy of the white woman’s march to the front of the bus.

Truth be knowed, while all eyes were on “angry white males” as many in their ranks were being throwed under the buss to make room for black folks, white women like Hillary Clinton jumped-up and headed up front too, mostly displacing the potential for black men, and even some black women to advance.

The proof is in the puddin’. Statistics continue to show that there is still a growing dichotomy between the upper class, and those who live in or near poverty. The truth is, more women are economically worse off now than they were 40 years ago, and if that dichotomy has soften somewhat, the truth is, it still seems to separate black and white disproportionately. Hillaryous can make nice, but’s it’s a little disenginuos on the larger scale.

Black folks, however, have got to do their part. And, while this is really a topic for a longer column on my other website, TOCC•TV, there sre some things I can quickly point out. First, I agree there is a problem in law-enforcement. But, I think you might do better if you stopped being black and just identified as being among the downtrodden. The use of excessive force, police radicalization, is obvious and unacceptable. However, there shouldn’t be excuses for stealing cigars and threatening store clerks either.

Civil rights, human rights, shouldn’t be about trading places with whoever has the front seat on the bus anyway. It should be about driving your own car. Other perspectives of the “black community” perplex me also. How can black folks support illegal immigration when black men have the highest unemployment? If you weren’t so black, you might just be a US citizen for a change. And, while I am conservative, I don’t understand why black religious zealots continue to support fundamentalist OT doctrine. Are you sure you want to be absorbed by the borg of socialism? Can you really tell the difference between socialism and the southern plantation system facilitated by the OT legalism?

I understand you court and influence the candidates you think will best represent you. I have supported Trump, but like you, now see he’s headed off the deep end. I think he may turn out to be the biggest aristocratic fascist since W. So, I don’t know who any of you are going to vote for, but I advise it oughten to be Hillary or Jeb either.

But then, that’s why I’m running a write-in campaign for president. When you see that the divide and conquer tatics of both parties means you cannot win no matter how you vote, then – Vote for JIM !!!

© 2015 – Jim Casey
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