Freedom Of Speech

The uprisings in Libya that left US Ambassador Chris Stevens dead are
said to have been because of Islamic sensitivities over an Internet
video satire of Moohamad produced by an American.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to believe that the problem
lies in the unalienable right of freedom of speech as recognized by
the US constitution. Her remarks eulogizing the slain Ambassador did
indeed cast an apologetic tone to the Islamic’s having been offended.

In the United States, we understand that open dialogue is essential to
the freedom and liberty that we all have, and that it facilitates
another unalienable right, that is to practice the religion of our
choice, or not.

We understand that simply being offended by someone else’s opinion is
not a call to illegal behaviour, whether it is manifested by
harassment, invasion of privacy, denial of services and access, or
bloodshed, violence, and murder.

These are lessons consistent with all the religions I’m aware of,
including Christianity, and are usually learned when appropriately
taught to juveniles at the fourth grade level.

We also have the right to redress of grievance, and the right to due
process. When first the freedom of speech is abridged, and the freedom
of press, and after that redress of grievance – the stage
automatically is set for civil unrest and social uprisings like what
we have seen in Libya.

In many ways, with the 911 terrorists attacks as an excuse, we have
seen the advance of police state fascism in our own country. The
examples of constitutional rights violations are replete and published
in the media almost everyday.

There is no greater threat to our country today than the loss and
denial of constitutional liberties. To that end, the terrorists have
already been successful.

As president, I will end the tyrannical, unconstitutional tack, taken
by so called Homeland Security – without due process against United
States citizens.


*footnote – The national media almost seems to have missed the fact
that just hours after the attack on the American Embassy in Libya,
Mustafa Abushagur was elected as Libya’s new Prime Minister. Abushagur
had spent several years living here in Huntsville, and teaching
electrical engineering at UAH from 1985 – 2002. Perhaps he will take
some of the better aspects of American socialization with him to the
office of Libyan Prime Minister.

© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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