Jim Casey Participates In Historic Debate

Jim Casey Participates In Historic Debate

July 17, 2012

Jim Casey’s participation in the October 3rd presidential debate turned out to be historic for more than
one reason. On this page below you will see all of the responses Jim Casey tweeted in real time during the debate. And of course, by
now you all know that Jim sparked a national outcry to save Big Bird when in response to meaness by Mitt Romeny he said:


Tweets 3 Oct
Jim Casey Campaign @caseycampaign

  • Actually, I’m the winner. Obama beat Romney. Romney showed his fear by being too agressive to dominate. Obama stayed cool & caried the ball.
  • Thank you Jim. You have a good night too. Thank you all for joining me. Now you know what’s going on. Write-in Jim Casey for president.
  • Well, I am here to cancel Earnie and Bert as they have appeared tonight. I’m going to give you a job, and put a chicken in your pot.
  • Education is failing because feminist teachers refuse to admit, they broke the family. Single moms, 2nd dad, latchkey kids are not prepared.
  • When Chicago teachers strike making an average of 70k, money is clearly not the education problem.
  • On my third day in office I’ll break the teacher’s union because they are greedy, unproductive, and teaching fascism not the constitution.
  • On my second day in office, I’m going to have the sugar police arrest Bloomberg for seditious fascism.
  • I want to go ahead and thank Jim Learner for his patience with the two buffoons. And, I think he would be a good vice president for me.
  • I will repeal the ACA, ALL of the ACA, on my first day in office.
  • Oh great. I have to pay for Sasha and Malia to hang out at home going to school, with illegal immigrants, while I can’t afford insurance.
  • Flip flop flip flop flip flop
  • Obviously, there was not enough regulation on Wall Street and the banks, or the M.I.C.
  • Universal health care has to be universal or it’s not constitutional. The Medical Industrial Complex is OUT OF CONTROL. Caps and regulation.
  • Why should I pay a penalty tax for your granny’s gout presciption when I can’t afford health insurance?
  • Mr. Romney is being obnoxious not presidential.
  • Obviously, corporate profit taking is the problem. They can pay more taxes, or pay more employees who will then pay taxes.
  • I’ll cut subsidies to the welfare and education of illegal foreign nationals and give some of that to PBS.
  • They are both lying about the decline of the American economy. We can no longer afford Wall Street greed & graft. Cutting PBS is just wrong.
  • American imperialism is winding down. Military spending will be scaled back to accomodate retiring baby boomers.
  • I think we should issue tax stamps on medical marijuana in the whole US, not just Alabama.
  • Mr. Romney – you’re no Donald Trump!
  • Eliminate tax deductions, and create a graduated flat tax based on income and escalating on high income. Romney can pay for his own kids.
  • If the Chinese want to dump cheap solar panels subsidizing our energy for 25 years, and creating technician jobs, I’ll let em do that.
  • It will aslo require tax reform for the wealthy and multinational companies who skim too much off the top.
  • Jobs require production in the US, requiring strategic tariffs; and distribution of wealth, indicating overtime and exemption restructur …
  • Get the truth here! As I participate in tonights debate: http://twitter.com/caseycampaign