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    Huntsville Depot Freight Building Removed

    Built ~1860 the remains of the historic building had been preserved with hopes of rebuilding on the remaining structure.

    Capitol Offense – Failure To Communicate

    And, they blocked Mr. Trumps Twitter. Censorship by definition by someone who thinks they are in charge of government – they are not. Maybe it’s Twitter that should be called “Cuckoo” from now on.

    2020’s Redeeming Legacy – The Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

    The year 2020 is – with all the violence, discord and destruction, and the China Virus – some say thankfully, behind us.

    Crime Of The Century #1 – 911

    911 was chronologically the first Crime of the Century and most likely the most shocking, but in terms of lives lost the China Virus is definitely the deadliest – so far.

    Cover Series – Crime Of The Century #3 – The Changing Guard

    Huntsville’s Confederate monument received dubious honors as it was relocated to Maple Hill Cemetery with flags flying at half staff – for Eula Battle.
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