Will Donald Trump Become King George Reincarnated?

Stand With Trump?

I’ll be the first to say, those kids – they are kids – in Parkland have a right to express themselves. They count, they should be heard – but they should not steer policy or start a “revolution.” There is too much they don’t know, experience that haven’t had, and evil manipulating them that they don’t see or understand.

But then hay, I’m also the one who said Sandy Hook and the other shooter events are not just conspiracy, but that the shooters involved are “sleepers” who have been brainwashed and manipulated into their situation for multi-fold purposes. The fact is the shooter events are politically motivated and have political effect. And the bottom line is, the shooter events are domestic terrorism, very much like the Islamic suicide bombers in the Middle East and around the world.

The biggest problem we have in the United States today is that we do not yet acknowledge the reality that the events are in fact terrorism. The events are too inter-twined with other motivations; the “cult-of-blood” that so many incorrectly believe is their religious entitlement, the media industrial complex that benefits from the perpetual sensationalism of the blood letting events, the NRA and the gun lobby does sell quite a few guns, the ultra-liberal neo-nazi agenda & the ultra-conservative neo-nazi agenda, etc. Really, the list people with reasons not be forthright is quite long – and very destructive to this country.

So many American’s are mighty proud to stand up and say that we will not change our way of life, that we will not change our values, that we will not cave to the pressures of the terrorism that we see abroad or experience here at home. And yet, that is exactly what we have already done – ad naseum. When we fail to even acknowledge what is a terrorist event, we are that much more blind to the reality that our country and our values are slowly being eroded on false pretenses.

Guns don’t kill people, people do. The statement is hackneyed, but when placed in the light of facing the reality that domestic terrorism is motivating a so-called revolution that includes disarming our people and other major cultural changes, maybe we should take a second look in the light of the reality. Disarming our people won’t stop the violence because the root of the problem isn’t being addressed. The debate over gun control is dishonest and deceptive. We already know that sensible discussion will never abolish the second amendment because it doesn’t make sense.

Aside from his unacceptable, histrionic pivot on gun-control which included what amounts to a call for marshal law and denial of due process, I have some other bones to pick with Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump’s growing lean toward so-called “populist authoritarianism” is not what this country needs, and doesn’t really fit the conservative bill of rights either. It does reveal his motivations in his ridiculous denial of law-enforcement corruption and their need for reform.

Trump’s support of repealing the Johnson amendment will likely become the biggest mistake of his presidency – and his most lasting legacy. These things take time, but as the stock market and the economy heats up, so too will the racketeering dollars into the back pews of the religious zealot cults, who then will wield there new found latitude to inflict their self-righteous crusade on others who do not share their extremism.

Case in point – Trump’s proposal that food stamps should be replaced with “blue apron” food delivery to those in need. I can assure you, perhaps partly thanks to the “faith based initiative” that religious cults have no great compassion for the people they by serve by stealing their gub’ment money. Either someone qualifies for food assistance or they don’t. Thanks to the Trumpian economic vision, and the fact that people want to work, unemployment is now low. Why should well-meaning people in need suffer persecution? Bad Trump.

And one more thing, King Donald Trump. The Internet should be regulated for the benefit of the people, not just a few companies who stand to make a lot of money. If it really makes no difference to the average person, then it really makes no difference to the big companies. The few who will benefit already constitute a practical monopoly – and that’s not legal anyway. So, put it back into the utilities bracket. We all deserve the same electric service, and everyone deserves to have TOCC TV delivered to them in the speediest possible fashion.


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