Tinsel Trail In Huntsville Big Spring Park Downtown Walkabout With Jim Casey

I’ve gone walkabout again in Downtown Huntsville! This time I wandered through the Christmas trees on the Tinsel Trail in Big Spring Park. All the trees made me feel like I was in that Rudolph Reindeer Christmas show, only without the snow or storm or abdominal snowman! And, of course, I missed Clarice. This is my Christmas treat for you.

Oops! In the video I mention the fish in the pond and then I forgot to get video of them when I got around to where they are. Oh well, there’s always next time. The video ends up behind the Art Museum where the annual outdoor ice skating rink is set up but was apparently not open because the weather has been so warm. Temps are quite chilly today and for the next several days so you might want to check into that for your Christmas activities. There’s also other activities in the Park at night included art and food. It’s a great outing for Christmas so check it out.

As I continue to try different protocols for adding more video and live streams to TOCC TV, this is yet another live learn. Again, I’m suffering from camera shake and after running it through the stabilizer, I’m not happy with the results and so I’ve left it in raw form. I’m pondering my options to improve this feature on TOCC TV but it looks to be a continuing process for awhile longer.

As of now, I don’t foresee any additional holiday videos in 2021 but I’m not ruling it out either. And of course, we usually do get some really cold and nasty weather for the next eight or ten weeks here in Huntsville, which will factor in to what and when my next live stream will be. My plan will be go live at least once a month for the next three or four months, and after that we’ll see what summer will bring.


Aside from all that, keep an eye here on the website for content updated several times a month, and you never know, I might just see a newsworthy event and go live at anytime.

©2021 – Jim Casey

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