Time For The Spring Fling Swing

How’s that for a catchy title?

The weather has warmed up and the rainy season is upon us. In Huntsville, Panoply lucked out without too much rain, and the Whistle Stop festival was nearly as lucky still getting in some good time for bar-b-q between drips and drops. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, God bless my Mom who has departed, and Sunday evening is the final episode of Survivor Island this spring.

So, the sign are undeniable. The season has changed and soon summer will be here. Most folks know that the political rhetoric in the public discourse cools off a bit this time of year, and since that’s my primary editorial niche, I’ll be a little less prolific for a couple months. Even still, I’ll still be watching for sneaky tactics of the elected scoundrels, and other events in the news worthy of my public comments. And, I’ll take the down time to continue adding some of the older content that isn’t available right now on TOCC TV. So stay tuned in to www.tocc.tv!

That’s my Friday wrap-up. Except let me see if I can find a good oldie eye candy Photograph from somewhere in the gallery to post…

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