The Rise Of Neo-Nazism In Huntsville

This is a statement I placed on Facebook as part of a continuing conversation about neo-nazism in Huntsville. It is also additionally explanatory to the immediately preceding article on in regard to Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall.

Holy Fuck Beating* 10 year old kids (in the school system) stages enforcement of false imprisonment and human trafficking. Each is a separate count and a capital crime.

It’s not about how I resolve my own situation. Because while the criminal elements want to propagandize and incite an event, it’s how the community deals with it that counts. There are other victims.

The Huntsville community hasn’t just failed at their moral obligation, they are embracing the enforcement of neo-nazism.

It’s a level of turpitude that is considered irrevocable.

©2024 – Jim Casey

*Holy Fuck Beating – is the term I use to describe child molestation, torture, extortion, false imprisonment, human trafficking… that in Huntsville begins with 10 year old kids and likely continues into adulthood when the criminal protocols are often referred to as “laundering.”

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