The Only Insurrection Is Covid

Have no doubt, the riots that went out of control and turned violent last year on January 6th were serious. And, the perps who are actually guilty of something should be held accountable. (Not the 700 that strolled through already open doors.) But I can’t call it an insurrection. Technically, maybe, it fits in the dictionary, but I think of an insurrection as being a premeditated conspiracy with an actual credible attempt to take over government. Something the Russians would do, or maybe a rogue governor with state troops to back him up. Or, maybe a populist governor chosen to overthrow a wayward despot.

The notion that the capital riot by itself could have actually changed regimes or taken over government is patently absurd. Donald Trump was still in the Oval office, remember? If there was an insurrection, ostensibly led by Donald Trump to remain in office, he had the authority to call in the troops and hold the White House. No coup is ever successful without the cooperation of the military and it’s arguable that Trump could’ve pulled it off.

You also have to ask yourself, why did all those capital police have so much remorse after the fact? Why are brave men of courage defending their country committing suicide? Because, they have remorse. Because deep inside they know, Covid is a communist insurrection and the Biden administration has leveraged that act of biological warfare to advance their pseudo soon to be communist agenda. They feel like traitors, not to mention that it was the incompetent congressional over site and the capital police themselves that allowed a highly spirited protest to become a riot and to get out of control finally ending in the brief but obviously unsustainable occupation of the capital itself.

Make no mistake. I’ve never been fully supportive of Donald J Trump either. He may be the untouchable Don, but he ain’t exactly among the most ethical of the squeaky clean either. I have a few bones I’d like to pick with him on a personal level but that’s a different conversation. Even still, the longer he was in office the more I had to support him for doing what was right in context. And frankly, in spite of some legitimate grievances, the ultra-left has gone so far off the deep end they can no longer be considered legitimate. He and Pompeo did after all at least call Covid a deliberate act that did in fact originate in China.

I listened to the morning news show last week as the ultra-left demagogue warned against the “authoritarianism” of Trump. It was too sickening to laugh at. Trump might have an authoritarian streak in him that I would take umbrage with, but he also has boundaries. Joe Biden and the ultra-left have no boundaries. If the attempt to overthrow the constitution and impose gun control isn’t authoritarianism, and insurrection, what is? If the ongoing attempt to enforce Obamacare and compulsory vaccination isn’t authoritarianism and insurrection, what is? If the imposition of big brother at airports and on city streets in the wake of 911 isn’t authoritarianism and insurrection, what is?

The illegitimacy of the “democratic” party and Joe Biden is the underlying force behind the incantations of Trump having won the election he didn’t. He “didn’t” is a de facto statement not an agreement because if Biden “winning” the the election is dependent upon accepting the act of biological warfare, the communist insurrection called covid, then the election is not valid. Am I being redundant?

History is redundant. The fall of Rome is redundant. The mistakes that all lead up to the fall of civilization are now being repeated one right after the other. The biggest one is perhaps that main stream media (MSM) has taken sides. They gave up objectivity long ago and have now fully swerved in their advocacy of the ultra-left agenda. They are imposing censorship. They cannot even call an act of biological warfare killing millions worldwide a deliberate conspiracy. I know they are wise. Therefore, it is insidious.

Oh, I also know. The media has taken a beating in the last twenty years and many are still treading water gasping for breath in a profession that just doesn’t work the same way anymore. Walter Cronkite is rolling in his grave. Print newspapers have been dropping like flies as seasoned journalists jump ship looking for more sustainable incomes. Inexperienced replacements working for cheap who often don’t even have a good command of language much less experienced political understanding fill the evening airwaves as people like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and those Twitter guys portend to be the harbingers of what version of news is truth and what agenda is right and whose perspective deserves to be allowed.

The insurrection that began with 911 and continued through Sandy Hook and Covid is still underway right alongside the turmoil of the Internet upheaval and technology unleashed. The jihadist attack can even be seen as a metaphor for global warming with positive loops and tipping points that once crossed over will become the point of no return. We are there.

You can say you only want a better world. People should have their fair share. Health care is good for everybody. Maybe all these things are true but if you’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater, will it be worth it? No, it won’t. The reality is that if everybody in the equation, and especially the MSM doesn’t start dealing with the really real reality, you’re going to find yourself in a place like Tienanmen Square staring down the cannons on a tank about to run you down.

Oh, I know, you bought an AR-15 right after Sandy Hook. Big brother and communism will take over and you’ll never even fire a shot, because you were afraid to shoot off your mouth when it could still make a difference.

©2022 – Jim Casey

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