The New McCarthyism And The Growing Constitutional Crisis

I wonder how many histrionic Americans really understand just how close this country really is to constitutional dissolution, anarchy and dictatorship.

It is incomprehensible to me that a major political party is actually supporting a candidate who has no regard for constitutional rights and liberty what-so-ever.

• Democrats want to end freedom of speech.

• Democrats want to end freedom of assembly.

• Democrats want to take away your right to self defense and gun ownership.

• Democrats want to deny due process based on an arbitrary system of black-listing.

• Republicans are actually beginning to chime in on using the arbitrarty black-lists to deny American citizens due process and gun owneship.

• Trump is denying press credentials because he doesn’t like what they say, and you don’t hear anyone actually saying this could end rule of law as though critisizing the judge were more ominous. It’s a threat of censorship and Trump is beginning to look more and more like the seditious George W.

• I also notice no one in the media is critisizing anyone in law-enforcement or the 2016 campaign for assuming a man who killed and injured 103 gay people was a terrorist mainly based on his family heritage – even though he was a US citizen.

• Even Trump is now talking about talking to the NRA about denying gun ownership based on McCarthy like black-listing. WTF!?

And, I’m just about to get fed up with Trump, not for being blustery, but for being inarticulate in a way that has become an arrogant and condescending precurser for throwing the election to a tyrant like Hillary.

• (revised) Trump has displayed one disconcerting character flaw in that he supports torture even in the light of his apparent comprehensive understanding of terrorist events.

Nobody has matched Trumps iconic name calling monikers for the other candidates. Maybe something like “Stupid Trump” would be about right.

Damn. Even the damn crocodiles in Orlando are organized. Why somebody don’t do something about organized crime is a mystery to me. But, I can see when an alligator has been staged to chime in like a drag queen after a two year old boy. I guess they’ll call it “gator-boy luv.”

How stupid is that?