Stupid Bad Boy Donald J Trump

Wow! Stupid Bad Boy Donald J Trump has been working overtime. First, he threatened to call a meeting of the second amendment people to facilitate a resolve to the situation with Hillary. Then, he started talking about some sort of orderly plan based on bad Mexican people vs. ok Mexican people vs. good Mexican people to determine which ones and how many at a time will be thrown back over the new wall – once it’s built – that Mexico is going to pay for. Then he stepped on some colored toes by explaining to the black folks that in many ways the democratic dynasty of JFK hasn’t exactly been a resounding success for them. Some of the black folks didn’t agree, but they didn’t hang around too long because they were out looking for a place to eat pizza.

Well, I did suggest that Trump would have to modify some of his positions if he intends to appeal to the moderate republicans and disenfranchised democrats. As of now, they say that all black folks and all uppity white women will be voting for Hillary. Not to suggest that all black people are black, or that all white women are uppity. Demographics and polls do have a funny way of morphing when it comes to the anonymous vote cast behind the curtain in the voting booth. And that may very well be the point.

The fact of the matter is, Hillary’s people really do want to dissolve the US Constitution and discard the 2nd amendment. She wants to appoint some new Supreme Court justices who will simply come up with illegal and unconstitutional abridgments to the right to keep and bear arms. Most of the restrictions that some states have in place already are actually ridiculous technicalities that are not constitutional. Hillary’s people – you know, the ones who become violent when someone calls a meeting to discuss their own agenda – have no qualms about circumventing the system that actually has worked very well in the last 200 years. Oh, they don’t agree, because it hasn’t gotten them their way. So, instead of admitting that they can’t get the states to overturn the second amendment is because most American’s simply don’t want to – they come up with abridgments which they would like to enforce out of context. It’s not a stretch to call that sedition. And frankly, that is a situation.

And for another thing. I don’t think anyone ever really believed that Trump would build a literal wall, like they did in China, and deport every last illegal immigrant. The rainbow crybabies are the ones who are attempting to stack the deck – it’s gerrymandering. Don’t they get it? We already have laws and walls and fences that are in place to deal with illegal immigration. But, it is out of control. It’s a national security issue on more than one level. When the labor market is flooded with cheap, illegal labor, it isn’t fair to American workers or good for the American economy. Not only that, but last time I looked, most International terrorists look a lot like illegal immigrants. No, I’m not saying illegal foreign nationals are a terrorist risk, I’m saying that a wide open back door is an enticement and an easy entry for the guys from the Middle Eastern countries who are extreme Islamic terrorists. Quick! At a glance, they do all kinda look alike. Trump at least has indicated his intention to get the situation under control. Good ’nuff.

God luv the Colored folks. They do have a tendency to get roiled up kinda easy. Daddy used to say they’re little bit “tribal.” But the facts is, there are many second generation minorities, i.e. once removed from the civil rights movement of the ’60’s, that never have enjoyed the benefits of affirmative action, and there really is a high unemployment rate for young black folks, and that pizza joint in the downtrodden economically impoverished black neighborhood really is gone. And the facts is, the real undertoe to the Black Lives Matter movement has more to do with poverty and classicism, which also affects many whites who have also been stuck in the cycle of poverty. Ok, I get it, alot of black poverty is grounded in racism to begin with. Still, that doesn’t mean that cops trying to arrest a guy for selling bootleg cigarettes are doing so because he is black. They are doing it because he lives in poverty. See?

And the truth is. Some, not all, black folks – especially the younguns who have been indoctrinated to believe they are downtrodden because they didn’t get their first iPhone until they were nine years old, actually believe they never have gotten a fair shake. And then do you know what they do, they carry on about the poor illegal foreign nationals who are flooding the labor markets taking the very jobs that would stabilize the market for them. Notice, I did not say that all unemployed colored folks should go out and work in the fields picking cotton or watermelons or string beans. The point is that when the labor force is reduced by removing the illegal labor sources, those jobs then have to pay more, they have to improve working conditions, and then a lot more folks other than black teenagers will want those jobs after all. It’s all good!

And just one more thing. There’s a lot of folks, black and white, who still haven’t grappled with the reality that the broken family, usually caused by liberated uppity women of all kinds, end up having problems with their kids. Oh, please spare me the examples of the perfect little children of the white single power mom who’s only the second generation feminist. There are even some highfalutin black women who fit this example too. The bottom line is, they are exceptions, and until the American family repairs itself with a mom and dad who play roles much closer to traditional – black lives, and even more white lives, will continue to live in the hood of economic disparity.

Them’s the facts. Like it or not. If nothing else, Donald J Trump is delivering a much needed reality check to this country. I don’t agree with all his methods. I think he could do a better job of making his point. And I don’t agree with all his agenda. What I do know is this. Hillary Clinton will destroy this country, and everybody black and white will pay for it.

Maybe what I’d like to tell Trump is this. Get your head out from up your ass and stop skipping words. There’s an old saying. You can say anything you want as long as you have a smile on your face. There’s a lot of truth in that, but you ain’t smiling a lot. It other words, if you really intend to be president, don’t change the way you’re going to change your message, just be more articulate.

Just because a lot of folks don’t have much education, and don’t necessarily follow business closely, doesn’t mean they are incapable of understanding. Maybe this is the way to put it. There’s a difference between arrogant… and condescending. You can be arrogant and be president… with a smile of your face. Hillary deserves your condescension, not the American people.

(I’m a journalist ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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