Roll Baby Roll!

The Huntsville City Bus Station Reveals Cold Temperature

Photo Caption

Roll baby roll, because you sure don’t want to be sitting outside waiting on a city bus today. I took this photo at about 10:00 a.m. at the city bus station located at Church St. and Cleveland Ave. in downtown Huntsville. And, indeed, while the busses are running today, there was no one sitting on a bench waiting outside under the open air canopy seen here. The enclosed and heated waiting area is behind me in this photo.

I doubt folks in Minnesota will be too impressed with our 15° temperature, the coldest here in decades they say. I can remember times when the low temperatures has been as cold, but I can’t remember a time when the daytime high temperature, foretasted to be 17°, has been so cold. The wind is indeed blustery at near 20 mph to boot the wind chill well below zero.

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