NYPD Golden Wings Steal The Pigskin

Gotta have some skin in the game, they say. And in this three ring circus nearly everybody does. Even Kim Jong Un must surely be having a big time after he disrupted the discussion of the great western Goliath with his own Hail Mary. The Dear Leader is now basking in the increase of adoration by his countrymen who see the strength and might he wields when dealing with the greedy, irreverent hands of fascism and decadence. Fidel Castro should be so lucky.

Ferguson who? Please excuse me while I watch the tube. Some guy with a Middle Eastern sounding name, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, must be an Islamic extremist, offed a couple of New York City pigs, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, and they are having one hell of a shindig in the Big Apple today! They say a woman loves a good funeral because she loves a good cry. Makes her feel… womanly. To celebrate death more better than they even do in New Orleans, somebody had to die in New York City. Let that jazzy piano chime in here please.

But, don’t be discouraged, because I also heard today that the fascism in New York City is multi-colored. Apparently, killing and being killed, in the name of fascism is ok as long as it’s not racist. Would I dare suggest that the execution of the Brooklyn police officers was actually a sort of “Hail Mary” game play so that De Blasio and company could control the sail of black protestors throughout this country? Hell if I know, ask Kim Jong Un. Maybe I could do a real interview with him and some of the simple people who live on the hillside and worship the Dear Leader, and see what they think about golden pig wings. Roasted I’d guess.

It is after all a three ring circus, and you really can’t give all the credit they ask for to the Ferguson protesters. Let’s face it. When three hundred pound gorilla Michael Brown goes into a store and swipes a box of cigars, and then threatens the store clerk, you’re not exactly dealing with Rosa Parks and a seat on the bus. Not exactly. And the fact is, how do you tackle another three hundred pound guy, Eric Garner, who is resisting arrest for selling illegal cigarettes? Getting him to the ground is gonna cause some physical distress for everyone involved, choke hold or no, and in his apparent unfit condition he might well have died of heart failure. He ain’t exactly Rosa Parks neither. And for all their preoccupation with tobacco, why didn’t the blunt heads just move to Colorado and make an honest living selling wacky weed anyway?

Then again, maybe the real problem isn’t about Mike Brown or Eric Garner. And, maybe it’s just possible that there is no perfect illustration of the problem of excessive force by police. It seems sophomoric to point out what ought to be obvious. Those two events set off protests across the country for weeks on end. And just as curious and just as bizarre as the New York City funerals upstaging the Ferguson protesters, is the relative lack of outcry over the murder of the gazebo kid in Cleveland, Tamir Rice. Poor little 12 year old Tamir never had a chance to explain cops and robbers to the patrol officer who pulled up shooting and asking questions later. A very brazen example of a trigger happy cop using excessive force.

Could is be that the black folks, of Ferguson, have got their own little trick play going on too? I am after all a white boy called cracker, and I have after all witnessed and even experienced a pretty good bit of excessive police force towards white folks, and inappropriate political agendas being propagated by cops. Why is it that “civil rights protesters” only see the historic racist side of the problem? It is my humble opinion that well-meaning black folks need to learn a new word: “classism.” Because, it is just barely possible, maybe even illustrated by the events in New York City where fascism is multi-colored, that classism played a bigger role in police brutality than racism did? Racism and classism are the same thing? Not exactly.

One recent news report wondered what happened to Barack Obama during all the festivities in New York as he himself disappeared like Waldo to the big island of Hawaii. He’s not coming back to the oval office next term, so why should he be worried about all the mud from the pig sty flying around anyway? I guess at this point that’s why he’s called a lame duck. The real question for Five-0 right now is, where is Hillary Clinton? Why ain’t she sassin off?

With OPEC delivering cheap gas for the next two years, and the Republican’s delivering fascist neo-nazi Jeb Bush for the next two years, Hillary must be heir apparent to the Oval Office. I said it’s three ring circus didn’t I? Hillary is missing the perfect opportunity to explain to black folks that not everything is racist, that black women should be less domineering, that black men need to take responsibility for their own broken families, and that educational opportunities have been available to black folks other than Oprah. I’m sure as hell not gonna try to explain it to them. Maybe we can get Monica Lewinski to do it, she’ll do anything as long as someone is listening. She should probably watch “Selma” first. We don’t want her aksing funny.

So here’s the rest of the upshot. I see two kinds of police forces in this country. There’s the militarized fascist, and the militant fascist brands. Both types wrongly believe they are on a “team.” Law enforcement and crime are not a game, you don’t get to win. Both types espouse “brotherhood” and “solidarity.” Wrong again. Solidarity is for a fraternity that you belong to. Police do not belong to a fraternity, they are employees who are paid for by citizen tax dollars, tax dollars that are collected from people like Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, and myself. There is a serious problem with police in this country that reality needs to be dealt with, not overshadowed and forgotten. The problem does begin in municipal government and in the case of New York City, if the mayor is responsible, it should be Mayor Michael Bloomberg who illegally declared marshal law and systematically undermined the US Constitution.

And just one more thing. I like Henry Louis Gates and his remake of “Roots.” And, I know some people may not think he is European enough, never-the-less, he is my nomination to be the next Cuban Ambassador. Now, Cosmo and Steve Harvey are gonna start aksing funny too. The moral of the story is: ain’t nobody straight, if everybody be aksing funny.

© 2014 – Jim Casey
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