It’s Time: Dump Trump & Alt Right Feminazi Katie Britt Too

I know, for us conservatives this is tough medicine. But in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Trump is a turncoat. When it all boils down at the end of the day he’s handed the reigns over to the same people who stole the election in the first place. It’s bound to be one of the biggest flim flams in all of American political history.

He’s not going to win the next election. He already knows that and it fits his plan to the tee. All he’s doing right now is holding the Republican focus long enough to stop any viable contenders from getting exposure. That’s why he started campaigning again as soon as he left office. No other decent republicans can get a word in edge wise before he finally slides off the political map forever never to be seen again.

The best bet for political conservatives is to dump Trump now so that someone viable can get started in the public spotlight campaigning before the next election. The only person who could possibly get Trump elected is Joe Biden and even though he’s trying, the next election is going to be emotionally charged over abortion and will be out of balance just as the last election was too heavily weighted for the democrats based on BLM. In other words even Joe Biden can’t get Trump elected with all the junk in the trunk he now carries. Dump Trump and move on.

Katie Bar The Britt

As a conservative journalist in Alabama I’m well pleased that the extremist coalition of Roy Moore, Jeff Sessions and Roy Moore has been eradicated. Their neo-Nazism has done enormous damage to legitimate conservative values.

Billy Boyd Alabama Senate Hopeful

Billy Boyd Alabama Senate Hopeful

Now almost everyone in Alabama has a vested interest in focusing the same goal on the Alabama legislature. Extremists like Tom Butler, Rex Reynolds and the others will no longer be able to hide under the radar as the abortion mongers shift their focus to the statehouse.

In the mean time, while not fond of the Democratic choice for senate, as a journalist, I think it would be really fun to make fun of Will Boyd and his bow-tie for two years.

Best of all, that would allow conservatives to show their contempt for the deadbeat mom and “christian” hypocrite Katie Britt by dumping her flat on her alt-right extremist femi-nazi ass before she even gets started.

She’s a bad example for the girls.

So, even conservatives might want to consider voting democrat in the general election for Alabama Senate. A little trick of their own before turning the tables next time around when the republicans will have had time to find an experienced conservative to fill that senate seat who’s actually fit for office.

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