Hooray For Howard Schultz – Former Starbucks CEO To Run Independent 2020 Presidential Campaign

If it seems more recently that I support all things Trump, please remember I didn’t even vote for Donald Trump. While conservative I actually consider myself a centrist picking and choosing the policies on an individual basis that I think are best for our country. So, while I fully support Mr. Trump’s immigration policy, wall and all, there are other issues most of which pertain to separation of Church and State where I feel his conservatism crosses into cultism and is not constitutional.

That having been said Mr. Trump’s most important job has in fact been accomplished in the realignment of the Supreme Court, and while I would have preferred a more moderate shift, the new court will shape a generation.

In a back handed round about way, I think it can be said that there are no new fronts where he can inflict any more damage in spite of himself. The democrats, however, are truly in disarray and the subtle but pervasive attack on that party by bonafide socialists is not only unamerican and war-like – they are actually engaging in warfare. Their uncompromising rhetoric, their willingness to become violent and to deny constitutional rights simply based on disagreement, and most recently as illustrated by Nancy Pelosi’s belligerent and ridiculous refusal to work toward national security for the benefit of all, instead attempting to make a political statement out of her struggle for power almost to the point of a coup – all adds up.

The American political system is far from perfect but it is still the best the world has ever seen. A big part of what makes it work are the constitutional rights that continue to make room for everyone and every political party. But, it doesn’t work unless the loosing party is able to accept the fact – they are not in charge. Nancy Pelosi and the socialists do not accept that pretext and so do not respect majority rule. Anarchy will serve no one.

It’s being said that Mr. Schultz running as an independent will facilitate Mr. Trump’s reelection. What could be better? Mr. Trump’s most important job now, even as a lame duck, is to block the socialists. The very core of our democracy is on the line. The democrats and even disenfranchised republicans both get a third more moderate choice, and maybe both parties have the opportunity to moderate, regroup and quell the socialist insurgency.

Mr. Schultz, I say run man run !!!

© 2019 – Jim Casey