How Serious Is Assisted Murder?

The Supreme Court this week upheld Oregon’s doctor assisted suicide law. You gotta wonder where their brains are on that one. While it certainly seems plausible for the dieing cancer patient to argue their right to pass with dignity, one simply cannot dismiss the potential implications and abuses that comes with allowing one human being to deliberately participate in killing another.

Trust the doctor to tell me when I’m sick and only have six months to live? That’s so ludicrous that it begs the intelligence of a drunken dog. Recent reports indicate that fully forty-six percent of all American’s are on some prescription medication. Not just over the counter drugs, but a controlled substance that requires a prescription and pharmacist to obtain. Numbers like that ought to be a good enough indication of the corruption of the medical community. Now add to that the large numbers of American citizens who can’t even afford basic medical care, in other words the ones that corrupt doctors can’t even get to, and you have to come to the conclusion that putting your life into the hands of the goons is a little bit shy of Pluto.

If that’s not enough, stop to consider the “miracle” stories of people who only had six months to live, and then beat the odds and went on to live five years, ten years, twenty years, or even longer after they had been handed their dignified six month notice to termination. Did he say six months until death, or until your insurance runs out?

Where does it end? Much of the legislation we are now seeing inches ever more closely to genetic profiling from birth, which already might include condemnation to the status of a felon without ever having done anything wrong, without the benefit of legal due process, and then on to a pre-scheduled death. “Hello Mrs. Jones. It’s brand new baby boy! He can go home with you now, but, be aware he’s scheduled for his doctor assisted
suicide at age 36 due to genetically predisposed liver failure that we will induce
three months after his 36th birthday. We just wanted you to be prepared since you will out live him.”

Employer to baby Jones upon graduation cum laud from university: “Sorry silly baby boy, we can’t afford your predisposed insurance even though you never took a drink and haven’t been ill since the day you were…born. Termination date is good for retirement, but we can’t afford the illness in the mean time.”

People in this country are naive. It’s really strange to me, because everyone seems so intent on making sure everyone knows that everything is tainted and unkind and cruel, and that the age old idiom of man’s inhumanity to man is alive and well, so we must have background checks, we must have records of everything and everyone for everything, and we must have video cameras, and check points and … ad nauseam. And yet, the people in this country are still so naive that they can’t, or won’t, admit that the doctors, pharmacists, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies are deeply corrupt and greedy to the point of “offing” people who are no longer convenient or profitable to their multimillion dollar paychecks. It really is hard to fathom.

As I recall, there was a time when it was illegal or at least considered taboo to advertise medical and legal services on TV. If the barristers in this country want to pass some meaningful legislation to help the poor people, and the downtrodden, and for that matter everypone else who doesn’t have insurance, or for that matter who does have health insurance…then pass some laws against drug pushing on TV.

I don’t care to see anyone suffer needlessly who is about to die. That’s what morphine has always been for. I don’t care to take away your inherent right to end your own life if and when the time comes. Most people in that situation are rational enough and capable enough to do so without assistance — if that’s really what they want to do. In the mean time, there’s plenty of morphine to go around.

© 2006 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads