House Eating Monster Gets An East Huntsville Daycare – Brooke’s Bundles is GONE!

First, it was Miss Charleece’s, then Small Wonder’s Preschool and Brooke’s Bundles of Joy. All gone as the House Eating Monster descended upon East Huntsville earlier this week leaving the scene above.

By the time I arrived, it was too late. The kid’s were gone. I looked around and didn’t see any toddlers straggling around the area and can only hope they ran for it when the monster arrived. I didn’t see any hiding in the dumpster either. Those kid’s aren’t wimpy and weak kneed either, no sir. There wasn’t no stinky butts in this crowd. They’re tough, tough, tough, tough! But no match for the monster.

After taking the video I had no choice. I couldn’t fight the monster alone, but I hoped authorities would arrive and put a stop to it before it chewed up the whole place. But it wasn’t to be because when I stopped by again to check on things everything was gone! No swings, no Flintstones cars, no legos, no kids. The monster got everything – even the sign out front.

Oh, the humanity.

©2022 – Jim Casey

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