Gansta Be Aksing Funny But He Ain’t Santie Clause – He Straight

Sonny Hereford School displays the "gansta" style image of Sonny Hereford III that shows the age of the civil rights icon and the by-gone era.

That ain’t a “gansta,” that’s Sonny J Hereford III. He’s the “law and order” black man and Huntsville civil rights icon – and he MATTERS!

Passing through the hood today I happened to pass by the newly christened elementary school named for him and bearing the large screen TV sign out front flashing the image of the same Sonny Hereford. I remember when they first started putting this type sign up along the Interstate and when they said one cost about $500,000.00. This one isn’t that big, and I guess the price has come down some since then. Even still, wouldn’t it be great if the hood could get Casey Wardynski to put the Super Bowl on that thing so community could gather outside and watch together? I keep thinking they’ll do that with the big one on the Interstate.

Sonny Hereford passed on July 7th.

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Huntsville Black Lives Meets Fallen Officers

Never-the-less, it is my opinion that municipal police departments throughout this country are suffering from deeply ingrained corruption, that often is based on classicism just as much as race, as opposed to a few bad apples here or there. Therefore, I wonder if the change in plans might be just a bit more sublimation than propriety warrants. Cop lives certainly matter, but the imbalance in perception after Dallas was clearly evidenced by some who suddenly decided there is a war – where the hell have they been already?

The Cannon Ball Run

Never underestimate the sense of humor of city planners… except, this sidewalk was deliberately planned and constructed before the Lee High Bus massacre occurred. The intended walkway runs along Church Street in front of the City Transportation Bus Terminal, underneath the interstate ramps, and immediately adjacent to the point of impact of the Lee Bus crash.

The McBoom Heard Around The World

Unlike The Cannon Ball Run, which almost certainly indicates prescient knowledge by city planners on some level (of the impending Lee High Bus Massacre) this street was probably named before the massacre was orchestrated… maybe. Unfortunately, it does appear that the reflective concept ultimately provided inspiration to extend the event.