Corn Cob Mafia Starving Kids In Guatemala

And you are the Corn Cob Mafia. Reading the article about biofuels in the New York Times I found information I already knew, some expected results manifested, and some information I didn’t know.

Did you know that forty per-cent of our corn crop is already being used to produce biofuel for use in your vehicle? And, according to the article, regulations require increasing use of biofuels in the US in coming years.

I am shocked and saddened on both counts. Our energy use has already been called an addiction. Once started, consumption of human food resources to fuel vehicles will never stop. The implications are unethical, immoral, un-American, and should never have been allowed, unless it is recycling commercial french fry grease.

In Guatemala, food prices for people often already undernourished have doubled in some cases because of the demand on biofuel crops. The argument is that the economic infusion will eventually lead to overall stability, jobs, and prosperity. Maybe it will for awhile – ’bout like a countryside meth lab contributes to the crossroads convenience store sales of pseudophed.

We seem to forget our inability to kick our national addictions. If we could shake it off, we would have already increased national security and lessened our dependence on foreign oil by development and transition to more appropriate alternatives like electric, hydrogen, or better public transportation like high speed rail. We didn’t have the national willpower yesterday, don’t have it today, and won’t have it tomorrow.

Corn is the baseline for many food products. When fossil fuels begin to diminish, and the aristocratic lust for fuel addiction is whet, more corn, and other biofuel crops, will be needed to satiate the desire of the well-to-do caste. Food prices will be driven ever higher.

During the recession, thirty per cent of the US population, has been forced onto some kind of food assistance. Guatemala is already in the United States.

It is sickening and shameful that our own government has mandated the additional use of biofuels. It should never have started. It is one more piece in an increasingly bleak “doomsday” future – unethical, immoral, and shortsighted.

New York Times
As Biofuel Demand Grows, So Do Guatemalan’s Hunger Pangs

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