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Casey Wardynski And The DOJ: Survey

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The Department of Justice has denied a rezoning request by the Huntsville City Board Of Education

March 11, 2014
In a town where…

TOCC Bullet The City Schools Superintendent, Casey Wardynski, is an accessory to child molestation in HSV City Schools, subsequently involved in human trafficking, racketeering, employment conspiracy, and Neo-Naziism…

TOCC Bullet The Mayor, Tommy Battle, continues to endorse public hangings and cross burnings on the front lawn of the municipal complex…


TOCC Bullet The Chief of Police, Lewis Morris Jr., received his job as payoff and cover-up for his father’s participation, once a city school principle, in child molestation and human trafficking in HSV City Schools…

TOCC Bullet The police department is affected by other systemic and deeply ingrained corruption including officers who are sexual predators, child rapists, and who incite federal hate crimes…


TOCC Bullet Do you believe HSV City Schools should be segregated?

TOCC Bullet Do you support segregation of public access throughout the city of Huntsville?

TOCC Bullet Do you think child molestation in HSV City Schools is ok when it comes to social engineering?


TOCC Bullet Do you believe child molestation in HSV City Schools is ok as long as it advances Jim Hudson’s Medical Industrial Complex and Neo-Naziism?

TOCC Bullet Do you agree that the NCAC, based in Huntsville, should accept child molestation as long as it is politically or economically motivated?

TOCC Bullet Do you advocate a caste system, including slavery, ethnic cleansing, and extermination of useless eaters, undesirables, homosexuals, etc…

TOCC Bullet Are you a member of the Bonobo Monkey Tribe?

TOCC Bullet What is your perspective on Casey Wardynski and the BOE’s delusional expectations? What do you believe?


TOCC Bullet BONUS QUESTION: Do you think Madison County District Attorney, Rob Broussard, should be prosecuted, or just terminated, for his failure to recognize the Lee Buss massacre as an act of domestic terrorism?

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