A Reckoning With TOCC TV

Child molestation, torture and human trafficking, including rape of children and adults as orchestrated and inflicted in Huntsville City Schools by agents of the city and religious cults are not religious exercises.

It is organized crime by organized crime families sometimes masquerading as religious entities. There is no excuse, the excuses offered are patently false.

Further, I am not and never have been Catholic. While I know and love many fine Catholic people, I do not follow, accept, or ascribe to destructive cult protocols imposed unconstitutionally and in violation of legitimate Church doctrine. Neither do I follow, accept or ascribe to Protestent Churches that follow illegitimate Catholic Church protocols as has been observed at protestent cult churches like First Baptist, First Assembly, Valley Fellowship, Rock Church etc. and more recently obvious Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville.

Aside from the moral turpitude practiced & displayed by WBC under the leadership of Jimmy Jackson and other leaders of the SBC, current Pastor and high school contemporary Darryl Craft is now leading his flock to take ecumenical communion drinking the blood of lives lost on 911 with the terrorists that attacked this country.

As a journalist, it has always been my personal mission and undertow to provide as much mnemonic feedback to anyone who might care to read my articles and opinions in the hope that others who have been victimized by the hate mongers of organized crime families, the religious cults mentioned, might gleen associative information that helps restore and enlighten their injured soul.

In the 25 years I have practiced journalism I have NEVER been in association with religious cults. However, I have been attacked and manipulated by their organized crime families which is a violation of my human rights, my rights as a journalist and my personal religious beliefs also recognized by the US Constitution.

And for 25 years I have never charged a fee or subscription to visit TOCC TV. I haven’t even required a membership or registration. And, while I understand you may not agree with my opinions or may even be in denial of the reality and truths that I present, I don’t require a loyalty oath, non-disclosure agreement or seek to forcefully impose your acceptance of my perspective. I have never denied anyone access to TOCC TV.

Thanks for your patronage.
Jim Casey

©2021 – Jim Casey

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