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What About Kenneth Shipp?

In the last two sections of this magazine article I discussed a number of issues which I know to be true because I was a first hand witness. I was there, I know what happened. In the case of Kenneth Shipp, however, I simply don’t have that much information in my long term memory banks. Never-the-less, I can extrapolate a certain amount of information based on what I already know is true, and the public information about the event.

As the saying goes, “it takes two to tango.” In order to stage and choreograph an event the way the death of Eric Freeman apparently was, it seem obvious that there had to be other “actors” in and around the actual occurrence for it to come off at a specific time and location. Otherwise, the odds of the two individuals simply crossing paths in a happenstance manner is virtually non-existent. In short, Kenneth Shipp had to have been subjected to some of the same mind bending abuse and proselytizing as Eric Freeman. Not only that, but it is likely that other vehicles and police dispatch also were either proactively and deliberately framing and gating the behaviour of the two individuals, or they also entered into a phase of “acting out” based on subliminal conditioning and brainwashing, triggered by whatever stimuli had been furnished.

Some of what is also publicly known about Kenneth Shipp is that he suffered from some sort of psychological challenges for which medication had been prescribed, and I seem to recall one report suggesting he may have been suffering from a degree of PTSD – as a result of his time spent in the Middle East. But again, like the case of Art Stogner and Jason Moore, Art had undergone some mind bending experiences and it becomes difficult to say whether his propensity for anger and domestic abuse was inherent, or whether it was a collateral feature of the abuse he had experienced. Adding it up, Kenneth Shipp was certainly subjected to pervasive event specific psychological conditioning as a kid, reportedly has inherent psychological issues, probably had additional psychological traumas layered in, had been drinking and was substantially impaired by the alcohol on the evening of the event.

I’m surprised that Shipp’s attorney’s didn’t pursue a temporary insanity defense. Although we know that the standard of insanity defense in the State of Alabama is so high, that it is virtually never successful. In my opinion, while Kenneth Shipp might have acted irresponsibly in some ways, and it does seem obvious that he picked up his gun and pulled the trigger, the aggravating circumstances add up to manslaughter and twenty years – not life in prison.

So, what about my testimony? Rest assured, I have attempted several times to deal with both the Circuit Court and the District Court in regard to different events in the same conspiracy. In fact, my attempts to approach the courts have been so persistent, that at one point they called me “prejudiced” and “scurrilous.” I’ve even been threatened with arrest for reporting real crimes to the Huntsville Police Department. The fact of the matter is, if the courts had listened to me, the police officers and their antagonists might be alive, or not in jail and the Lee High School Bus massacre might have been permanently forestalled.

It’s even plausible to suggest that the murder of Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens at the hands of international terrorists might have also been prevented – had the legal system worked the way it’s really supposed to. It’s often been overlooked that just hours after the attack on the American Embassy in Libya, Mustafa Abushagur was elected as Libya’s new Prime Minister. From 1985 – 2002 Abushagur lived in Huntsville while teaching at UAH. Circumstantial evidence only goes so far, but as they say where there’s smoke there’s fire, and there certainly it additional evidence and trails to investigate in the premeditated murder of ambassador Chris Stevens.

Adding it all up, again it becomes de facto obvious – the circuit court and the district court are also deeply corrupt. The corruption of the courts may very well be in part because flaws in the system are systemic and deeply ingrained. However, it is impossible to dismiss the corruption of individual judges who are virtually always from well-to-do plantation families that benefit from the fascist controls that are the apparent hallmark of choreographing and staging the details, often years in advance, of the felonious event. The judges are collectively a part of “controlling the sail” more so than they are a part of dispensing legitimate jurisprudence.

The same can be said about the FBI and so-called “Homeland Security.” Once knowing how the system “really works” it is inconceivable that the FBI did not know about 911 in advance. The good news is, this is one time you won’t hear someone with real knowledge start making the standard excuses about carnal sublimation, the magnet system, the cult of blood, the religious “communion,” etc. I’ve studied on all of that over the years and have always come to the same conclusion – all that smoke blowing is by people who somehow benefit from the felonious events. The bottom line, it’s fascism, and even the people who think they benefit would for the most part be much better off in a world where human beings conduct themselves in a civilized manner instead of engaging in barbaric human sacrifices that make an orangutan monkey tribe look like an advanced civilization.

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