What A Day – 2012, May 24, Thursday

What A Day - 2012, May 24, Thursday

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Bike trekking on Governors Drive about a mile west of the Parkway I ran across this bad wreck.

Visiting Burger King this morning for coffee and a newspaper read, an old guy looking remarkably like Hank Williams Jr., and acting a lot like the same during one of his notorious drunk concert appearances, loud and obnoxious, was settled into a booth near me. After a few minutes, I move across the dining room to finish coffee. Checking my fb for morning updates, I decide to update my own fb status: “HANK WILLIAMS JR. JUST SHOWED UP AT BK and boy is he ever drunk again!”

Once I went to dinner at the Fog Cutter, and sure enough, Mohammad Ali really was at a nearby table. My dinner partners insisted on visiting his table. I declined out of respect for his privacy, saying something like if you bother him he might whoop your ass. When my acquaintances returned they delivered a personal message from Mr. Ali: “Would you like to step out side and say that?” I didn’t. We had an extra long dinner.

More recently, I went to have lunch at Ryan’s and found Little Richard dining. We got up about the same time and met head on, me on the way to the salad bar. I looked at him, he looked at me, sizing each other up. He’s a real tall guy, even if he looks a bit glamorous. I looked him over from head to toe, where he had on some really cool, very sparkly, bright red shoes. He mumbled something, and I headed on to the salad bar.

Not too sure, but maybe that guy at BK really was Hank Jr.

BREAKING NEWS 11:58 a.m.
Bike trekking on Governors Drive about a mile west of the Parkway I ran across this bad wreck. Not really in journalist mode, I didn’t get all the details of who was involved or what the injuries were. However, there were two vehicles, a gray one on the left side, smashed up on the front, and the second red one on the right, turned upside down and smashed up even worse. It appears they hit head on. Ambulances that surely must have been on the scene had already gone.

The photographer in me beckoned. I was there, and so I whipped out my not very smart phone, and took a couple of shots. Doing a quick edit, I uploaded one to my fb page with the subject headline. “Governors, bad wreck, flipped.” I edited the photo later for this page, now posted above.

I watched the big news channels on TV for additional details but didn’t catch it on the channel I was watching.

BROKEN NEWS 11:59 a.m.
An email news alert arrives on my phone:

Huntsville Times to scale back print editions to only three days a week. Beginning this fall home and newsstand deliveries will be on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

At 12:38 p.m. I fired off another fb status update: “Holy smokin’ scoop.TV19 is reporting HTimes will begin 3 day hard copy publication this fall. Unbelievable. First I got fb, and now HT.”

I think HTimes is ahead of the curve. It seems to me that their newsgroup, Al.com, has always been too tech savvy for their own good. They use too many gizmos, their pages are still too heavy, they don’t have a good mobile presence, instead forcing their patrons to use apps, and they don’t really seem to respect their audience. Although, they have lost a relatively small amount of print subscribers, and they still seem to have advertisers and classifieds for the print edition.

It took CD’s a long time to take over vinyl. Book stores are hurting but have lost a lot larger percentage of business. The post office is still hanging on, and I’m not even convinced that hard print newspapers will become completely obsolete.

BROKEN HOME 2:06 p.m.
Another email news alert arrives. A woman was shot, around 1:30 p.m., on Binford Court. My bike trek that started earlier was from east to west, and as it happened, I passed through the area of Seminole Dr. and Binford Ct. just a few minutes before the shooting. There were no other details at that time.

Later reports indicate the woman, 20-year-old Miyah Key, died from injuries to her head. Correction: I incorrectly reported that
arrests had been made when in fact, according to the Huntsville Times, people in the area at the time were being interviewed by police, but no arrests have been made.

We live in a grievous world. It is sometimes hard to believe there is so much mayhem that occurs, often nearer to us than we even know.

NO NEWS II 5:38 P.M.
The CBS evening news reports that the New Orleans Picayune will also be scaling back their print edition to three days a week. Their article mentions the heroic efforts the staff at the Picayune made to continue online publication of the paper immediately after hurricane Katrina, when N.O. was a flooded prison camp. CBS didn’t take notice of the Huntsville Times announcement, however, did note the apparent benchmark transition of print media to electronic media.


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