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!Gawd I love WordPress. I once said that all I was really doing was stealing a wheelbarrow and using the dirt as a disguise. Heh, heh, heh,

As you can no doubt see, I am making some new adjustments to the TOCC TV layout. With so many people viewing these days on wide screens, it just doesn’t make sense to leave dead space on the visible screen when 80% of your content is still below the fold. So, I’ve adopted a wide-screen format that utilizes 100% of the screen that is available.

I actually started designing some pages, like twenty years ago, with this idea in mind. For some reason, it took everybody else nearly ten more years to figure it out. However, for a number of reasons, I hadn’t actually switched over before. And, it’s not without technical issues. You pretty much have to make your whole site responsive, and that really is the best way to go anyway. I wonder to this day why some sites still haven’t optimized for mobile. If your page is too big for mobile, it’s too big.

I’m also aware and working on some other technical issues in regard to load times affected by plug-ins and extraneous services. So, if you find things a little weird from time to time in the next few weeks, just know that I’m still here tinkering away in the background looking for the best combination of content and information and presentation that I can possibly find.

I already know that I will be making some additional changes to the layout. Since I don’t have a large volume of changing content I will be scaling the contents for optimum performance and variety. Send me an email and let me know how you like this new method. And, be sure to visit the “Donations” button and support this website and true freedom of media and speech on the Internet.


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