The Venus Transit

The Venus Transit occurs once or twice per hundred years.

Photo Caption

The Venus Transit occurs once or twice per hundred years.

I just finished my photography session of the Venus Transit. Not having the best equipment for solar photography, I set up a
reflective system using binoculars onto a white piece of cardboard.
Using my not too great phone camera, I got a few decent shots.

Of course, many thousands of people will have taken pics of the
transit, still in progress as I make this post. It’s a fairly non
descript shot, of a dot, against a plain background, with really no
detail anyway.

But that’s not the point. Actually, what could be more appropriate and
iconic, than a snapshot of the Venus Transit during 2012, using my
digital phone, after which I uploaded one shot to Facebook, and now
posting this note to my website via my phone email.

What would I say to the people in 105 years who will undoubtedly sneer
just a bit at even the best photos from today? You just had to be
here, that’s all.

I am here. I got my shot…but next I got to figure out if I can
upload photos to this new section of

© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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