Roy Moore Leading The Blind Astray

Today’s newspaper reports that Roy Moore, (previously) Alabama’s “Ten Commandments” Supreme Court Chief justice is following in my footsteps declaring his approbation for and the virtues of the United States Constitution. His biggest concern is his perception that the states should have more authority than now afforded by the federal government. He is the Republican nominee to regain his old job…and likely will.

The trouble with Roy Moore is his track record doesn’t really speak to the sincerity of his concerns. As a matter of fact, if it’s one thing the State of Alabama is really good at, it’s speaking out of both sides of the mouth at the same time. Roy Moore is about like that too.

In my estimation Roy’s allegiance to Old Testament theology is not only a violation of Church & State separation, but also an indication he would like to use the law, like many religious zealots use the Old Testament, to justify any violation of individual rights he would find most convenient to advance what is essentially an extension of the Bush dynasty’s neo-Nazism – apparently if not transparently, led by the oil company aristocracy that is deeply entrenched in Texas plantation style “benevolent dictatorship.” The old testament has been used, after all, to make all sorts of ridiculous assertions that God is somehow in favor of slavery, that only those who meet Church muster shall be saved, and persecution of the wayward(?) must be God’s plan to learn them compliance – all in direct contradiction of God’s simplified plan for the moron’s who don’t get it – New Testament Grace.

Most of us conservative citizens intend that state autonomy results in individual autonomy. He and I might actually overlap in regard to what sin is in some cases. But, it still isn’t his job to go around whoopin’ the wayward into his perception of moral compliance. I’m not interested in juvenile discussions over how law is about morality because killing someone is a sin and it’s the same thing. Duh. It’s about respecting individual rights over mob rule by the heard, AND over mob rule by the mob.

He might like to claim that’s what he means. My observation of the State legislature, and his own wayward behaviour indicate otherwise. In fact, I’ve noticed the State legislature often pulls the Romney flip floppin shuffle setting the stage to inappropriately deny individual rights while convincing the public they are only fighting the intrusions of the federales.

Roy Moore! IT IS ABOUT THE US CONSTITUTION STUPID! But you cannot argue about the US Constitution until you at least ratify it and join the Union to begin with. Your shit stinks nearly as bad as Mitt Romney and John Roberts. The moon is not made of bleau cheese. You are poison for the Republicans and you are poison for the State of Alabama.

And most importantly… you are NOT Jim Casey! MOO!!!

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