Obamacare A or Obamacare B? NEITHER

As I once predicted, the ACA has become an unfair, inequitable, dysfunctional chop and crop mess. The new proposals don’t apply to everyone, some get to keep what they’ve got, some never get it, states that don’t need it keep it, states who are poor – don’t match it for the poorest who need it the most. It appears to have become a Schindler’s list of sorts based on classicism. This is exactly why I was fundamentally opposed to Obamacare to begin with.

In today’s world of genomic science, healthcare providers would have you to believe that virtually all ailments are now, or soon will be, predictable based on genetic testing. The monstrous pink elephant rears it’s mighty, unseen, trunk yet again. That being true, there is no substantial risk management to healthcare, and therefore ALL insurance is fraudulent racketeering.


IF there is to be universal healthcare, it MUST be federalized, and all states must be exactly equal. No more matching. Therefore, the first order of business is to begin the transfer of funds related to healthcare from state level to the federal level. No easy task, since this will entail less taxation from states, and more nationally. When the basic infrastructure of healthcare is on a level field, then the still complicated and perhaps painful business of deciding what is universally covered can begin. Wealthier people would still be free to purchase expanded Cadillac plans.

In short, the best approach is to repeal and start over, or get the hell out of healthcare completely. The individual states are already headed for neo-nazi style impositions, and that also would be better forestalled by the larger national debate and consistent regulation.

Incidentally, I favor the more utopian idea that all individuals should be able to afford buying healthcare independently, which would require a more realistic approach to living wages than the knee jerk call for “minimum wage” which has never worked because it always lacks the additional regulatory infrastructure at the top end. People who are qualified for assistance should not be subject to punitive measures and restraints and should simply receive a minimum income that would be enough for them to purchase their own healthcare.

© 2017 – Jim Casey
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