NCAC Folly And Corruption

Response to E. Chris Newlin, executive director

National Children’s Advocacy Center
re: Letter To The Editor;
Huntsville Times, June 6, 2012

The bottom line, Mr(s). Newlin, is for whatever apparently ineffective
good the NCAC accomplishes, it is already deeply involved in
“politically correct” child molestation on more than one level.

Apparently, you’ve taken your cues from Slobodan Milosevic in many
ways, ignoring or proactively enforcing the exact same type of
tactics, according to scale, in order to achieve ethnic cleansing,
depending on your arbitrary and subjective perspective of

And everybody knows, county governments, the very incubator of the
NCAC, are rife with corruption, also involved in racketeering, human
trafficking, so called “blood government,” and conspiracy, all built
on your apparently acceptable version of “politically correct” child
abuse and sexual molestation.

Even now, you apparently have little or no answer for the obvious
connections, even as accessories, to all of those – and as related to
child molestation – including current Mayor Tommy Battle, previous
Mayor Loretta Spencer, more than one city council member, several
police officers, and even the quasi endorsement of child molestation
in Huntsville City Schools by the promotion of Lewis Morris Jr. to
Chief of Police.

I regret that I have to inform you Mr. Newlin, there is no politically
correct child molestation. There is neo-Nazism, Jim Hudson, and a lot
of money to be made racketeering with the Medical Industrial Complex.

In my estimation, your conflicts of interest are insurmountable and
only serve to add one more layer to already overly caramelized and
systemic organized crime.

Regardless of who may or may not have good intentions, the NCAC facade
does more harm than good.

We still live in the United States of America, much blood has been
shed for the concepts embodied in the Constitution, and unalienable

“All Men are created equal” was never meant to be bastardized by self
aggrandizement, personal, religious, political, or business agendas.

Maybe you should start asking all the questions you have for others –
in your own organization.

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