American Jihad : Radicalized Law Enforcement


ew people seem to fully understand just how radicalized law enforcement in cities like Huntsville has already become. Evidence the juries that for a second time have been unable to reach an obvious guilty verdict against former Madison police officer Eric Parker – who used excessive force against the innocent Indian granpa leaving him paralyzed for life. The radical extremists are not just in the Police Dept., they are on the jury.

In the wake of the bloody six point terrorist attack on Paris France, media reports have now turned their admonishions toward the American interior, analysing and forecasting the increasing likelihood of of similar events right here at home.

Emphasis has heretofore been on so-called lone wolves who may be self-radicalized in favor of Islamic Jihad, and on lower level operatives who simply act out of their own rationalized agendas. But, this is in the wake of often illegal law enforcement tactics, which I refer to as “Novocaine And Jihad,” that may rightly be considered an innapropriate and illegal system of “cell” training for “police officers.”

Unfortunately, the radicalization of American police will contribute more harm to the “war on terror” than they will help. Ultimately, the extremists in law enforcement intend to advance their own radical, unconstitutional, agenda and while they may not be in immediate agreement with the Islamic style radicals, they are often on a path that is parallel.

As the saying goes: “divide and conquer,” and before you know it, the extremists in the police department who have been engaged in their own brand of terrorist cell training, are acting in concert with the “fundamentalists” in the Islamic movement.

They already push their agenda at the expense of constitutional jurisprudence, and when radical extremism makes it impossible to convict a miscreant like Eric Parker, who is so obviously guilty, even with two, now cum three trials; suffice it to say the warnings are arriving in earnest on more than one level.

Corrupt police officers have been convicted in other locations, and I have to wonder, and so advise that Eric Parker needs a change of venue so that justice might be served the third time around if taken out of the inherent local conflict that seems to imbue, and obstruct, the legitimate judicial process.

The radicals we already have must be defeated before we can hope to forestall the ones who are apparently on their way.

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