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    POTUS SOTU Reelection Speech

    I watched what amounts to a brilliant re-election speech all the way to the end when Nancy Peelowsee took her copy of the talk and tore it into shreds.

    Mason Court Never Looked So Spooky

    Huntsville Housing Authorities announced more than a year ago that Sparkman Homes, once known as Mason Court, would be vacated and prepared for demolition this month.

    West Huntsville Gentrification Arrives In Earnest

    City leaders long ago tapped West Huntsville for redevelopment and after languishing for years it now appears to be happening.

    Historic Davis House On Randolph Razed

    Heavily damaged by fire back in October the historic Davis House located in the Twickenham District has been razed – apparently a total loss.

    Officer Down: LaJeromeny Brown: Return To The Scene Of The Crime

    Regardless of what you believe, or what your perspective is, it’s a shame how these things go down. It’s a tragedy for everyone involved.
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